:efdn: roll call!

post what name you prefer to be referred to by in a reply below, that way we all know how to talk with each other! :blobcat:

me im rick but sometimes i write it ryk but its still pronounced rick

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btw im stickying this to my profile so that way new peeps can add their names too!

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@norikawa oh id like to be called eoin i just remembered on mobile my name shows as boxes

@norikawa i'm paul and so is my @ so it's easy to remembre :blobcatrainbow:

@norikawa Everyone calls me Ghast but my real name is Sullivan im fine with either but Ghast is more commonly used!

@norikawa i’m CyclopsCaveman so any variation on that is fine

@norikawa I'm Duckie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@norikawa sen (or jason). i also have many nicknames including sennie/senny, senshine, senflower, etc.

Call me "caillou", but pronounce it like this : "KA YOU" (with a french "A")

@norikawa (I sure hope I’m doing this right lol) I go by Gar or Necro :blobowoevil:

@norikawa I'm Rayon but I prefer that people just call me Ray ^^

@norikawa im yves and its basically pronounces eves but my name is an enigma and occasionally changes so whatever sometimes people call me abel thats fine too
if you see cain tell me i have a rock for him

@norikawa I'm K.C, they/them pronouns because I'm neutrois :blobdab:

@norikawa HEY!! Hhgfd oh man, i hope i'm doing this right. call me jul. this seems like one of the friendliest instances i've been in so far 🎉

I never posted in this thread?! Wow. My name is Emily. You can call me Em or Moth too.

@norikawa I got a lot of names but commonly went by Artur/Ivan/Anfisa, altho here people recognize me as Soul/Sig sometimes

@norikawa you can call me strel or strelok!!!! my pronouns are he/him

@norikawa pls refer to my display name when you speak abt me or call me lux! either works. he/him usually are ok pronouns

@norikawa You can call me Mitch, Gideon, Cowboy, Punk, Wolf, whatever really. Feel free to give me nicknames.

@norikawa my name is ray noor n either or both is fine :]

@norikawa I don't care at all about my legal name and have a hard time thinking of an alternative name (actual name, not pseudonym) I actually would care about, I'll just stick with my pseudonym

@norikawa im lucy but you can call me chicky if you want :blobcatsip:

@norikawa I prefer Ivy, but Iva, fakename, Ivafakename, Ivafa and name all work just as well.

Just don't call me "realname"

@norikawa changed my username so i might as well make a new once bc ill delete my own account but! Im Lyn! I perfer they/them and im trying to have a bunch of fucking toots

@norikawa im Gadget !!! (this is my kinnie alt so please just use Gadget here)

@norikawa i'm leo, short for leofwyn! calling me by my kin names is cool too esp if you call me tec
i use they/them and i might pick up another pronoun later

@norikawa now that ive realized im a boy i go by orion !!

@norikawa whats poppin my name is sal and its short for SALAMANDER

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