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Hey! If these bird boys aren't moving: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:

Go to:

Scroll down to "Auto-play animated GIFs"

Make that box checked (i.e. if it's just plain white you need to click it!!)

Save changes and voila!!

Chocobo party!!
:chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:

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:efdn: roll call!

post what name you prefer to be referred to by in a reply below, that way we all know how to talk with each other! :blobcat:

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ok since everyone keeps asking EFDN is a thing from a story i started a while ago and revised so much ive forgotten the original meaning

in the most recent revision EFDN is basically a group/club of people so it fits

i liked the name so thats why i used it (plus, i tried doing a chat service named after it on an old version of my website, so the masto instance is basically a reincarnation of that)

Publix Garlic Bread sticks are good fucking shit

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There is garlic bread in the freezer ready for cooking

I am saved

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It is 1 in the Morning

And I am desperately craving Garlic Bread

omori more like omorbi

(go play omori!! :FOREST_BUNNY:​ )

uwu give me ur bwood

jushhht,,, a wil bit~

cmon~~~ uwu

i pwomise i wont neawy kiww u againn..

omori more like omorbi

(go play omori!! :FOREST_BUNNY:​ )


also me: ok so lets just listen to the most emotional song in the whole damn ost

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maybe i shouldnt listen to OMORI songs before bed lest my eyes dry out from the salty salty tears ;w;

ok yeah i'm going with the people who put these videos together haven't played OMORI

or maybe don't understand what "Relaxing" means because some of the purposefully stressful or anxiety sounding songs are in some of these videos and whhh???

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OMORI is definitely one of the emotion of all time

people who haven't played OMORI: oh this song is nice and comfy and relaxing and chill

me, having finished OMORI: sobbing not so quietly

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"OMORI songs to help you Sleep and Relax"

how the fuck does one Sleep or Relax listening to OMORI songs when you'll be too busy crying?

unless you've not played the game in which case fair play i guess

@Paul is pretty much the best boyfriend I could've ever asked for :blobcatmeltlove:

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