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EFDNcraft @

We're now in business!

Feel free to invite anyone you want! :ablobcatrave:

Non-EFDNers perfectly welcome! :blobcatrainbow:

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Hey! If these bird boys aren't moving: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:

Go to:

Scroll down to "Auto-play animated GIFs"

Make that box checked (i.e. if it's just plain white you need to click it!!)

Save changes and voila!!

Chocobo party!!
:chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:

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:efdn: roll call!

post what name you prefer to be referred to by in a reply below, that way we all know how to talk with each other! :blobcat:

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ok since everyone keeps asking EFDN is a thing from a story i started a while ago and revised so much ive forgotten the original meaning

in the most recent revision EFDN is basically a group/club of people so it fits

i liked the name so thats why i used it (plus, i tried doing a chat service named after it on an old version of my website, so the masto instance is basically a reincarnation of that)

Gonna head to bed

I'll get EFDNcraft back up when I get up :ablobcatbongo:

please be patient as our server catches up with the past day and a half :ablobcatbongo:

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Power completely died for a bit

It's back now but /shrug

Power just flipped fully for the first time

It's back now though surprisingly

Idk for how long

Gale force gusts forecast for at least another hour or two so

Storm update: probably about 2/3 through the windfield at this point, power is still on, no flickering

The winds are absolutely howling outside though

Should I take a selfie wearing my Dr Seuss hat from my 1st grade Dr Seuss themed play in which I played the narrator and got to read my line from a clipboard which was covered in lime green duct tape with the words "I am the Narrator" written on the back

Roughly T-60min til the storm is here

Looks like it might be a bit weaker here than first expected?

But it just takes one tree to knock out the power

And give where I am, that tree doesn't have to be close to us either

Reminder I'm taking EFDNcraft down in 30min in case power goes out tonight

"if no water then what bong do" - jack efdn committing murder against me

Fave classical element?

I appreciate a periodic reminder to stay away from Twitter at all costs

uspol, "hacking" 

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