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Hey! If these bird boys aren't moving: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:

Go to:

Scroll down to "Auto-play animated GIFs"

Make that box checked (i.e. if it's just plain white you need to click it!!)

Save changes and voila!!

Chocobo party!!
:chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:

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:efdn: roll call!

post what name you prefer to be referred to by in a reply below, that way we all know how to talk with each other! :blobcat:

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ok since everyone keeps asking EFDN is a thing from a story i started a while ago and revised so much ive forgotten the original meaning

in the most recent revision EFDN is basically a group/club of people so it fits

i liked the name so thats why i used it (plus, i tried doing a chat service named after it on an old version of my website, so the masto instance is basically a reincarnation of that)

god the bofa ressurection shit is just fucking

like i remember when setting up efdn the masto docs were like "make sure you keep this file backed up and secure because without this specific file and its specific contents, you wont be able to use your url for a masto instance ever again because of how its coded"

and then goat just sets up a completely new and fresh server without a single file from the old bofa and it just works no problem no catch all that "here's how we prevent other people from masquerading as your instance!" stuff was complete bullshit and then suddenly disappeared for no particular reason lmao

ok i am massively biased on this but also demons are cool

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demons are super fucking cool im not biased at all

Please dont let smoliv become a weird plant lady.

I wish there was a Bug/Dragon type Pokemon

At least there's the apple dragon though

Just a day when I wake up and immediately feel big gay for my fiancée y'know

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fun fact: salt is hella soluble in vinegar like way more than i expected

there is literally an entire salt shaker's worth of salt in this regular drinking glass that is like 80% full of vinegar

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the other two being bio (mostly because the teacher was really fucking excellent) and orchestra

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tbf we did way cooler shit in ap chem

ap chem is probably one of only like three classes i actually didn't completely abhor beyond belief between 5th grade and 12th grade

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attempting to clean a giant us penny (which is from the "lincoln penny memorial mint" which is, of course, in canada) and i feel like i'm back in ap chem

i'm mixing together a saturated salt solution in vinegar and to help it dissolve and react with the dirty penny i made a hot water bath i put the glass with the vinegar and penny inside

The Ars Goetia is a husband catalogue

The hubble jacks off astronauts

Hope this helps

Star Trek made by cowards because they don't have nekos

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Star Trek aliens are boring because if you're gonna just make them all "humans with weird noses/ears.etc" you better fucking have some goddamn like catboys and dragongirls and the like in there

On this website we

Only use CCP to refer to that one company that makes Eve Online

talking about demon twinks?

i'm literally right here!!!

I will turn you gay and trans, and then make you realize you're autistic. Not necessarily in that order

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