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Hey! If these bird boys aren't moving: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:

Go to:

Scroll down to "Auto-play animated GIFs"

Make that box checked (i.e. if it's just plain white you need to click it!!)

Save changes and voila!!

Chocobo party!!
:chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:

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give me your math homework and ill do it but also give a full and detailed explanation as to every single step along the way so you can do it yourself too

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:efdn: roll call!

post what name you prefer to be referred to by in a reply below, that way we all know how to talk with each other! :blobcat:

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ok since everyone keeps asking EFDN is a thing from a story i started a while ago and revised so much ive forgotten the original meaning

in the most recent revision EFDN is basically a group/club of people so it fits

i liked the name so thats why i used it (plus, i tried doing a chat service named after it on an old version of my website, so the masto instance is basically a reincarnation of that)


Apply directly to the forehead!

"yay will run yay -Syu if you just run it without any arguments" is one of the absolute most asinine things ive heard in a while



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What not to do, ever: Have your CLI tool do shit when run without arguments

wtf is this

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april fools idea came from @beezypi a while back btw :ablobcatbongo:

Has anyone even noticed the April fool's joke I did?

"Zoom leaks personal information"

"Zoom calls can be hijacked by outside attackers"

"Zoom sends full process and keylog data to call hosts"

"Zoom sells personal information to outside companies without user permission'

If you can at all avoid it, stay the fuck away from Zoom

If you can't avoid it, make sure every account you care about gets a new password, and enable 2FA where possible

My dad is one of those people who still uses the word "Communism" to mean "bad stuff I don't like" and it really fucking grates me hard

COVID, Pol (Cumming) 

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That post isn't some weird lewd pol thing

It's pol about a city near where I live

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Oh I just realized I should clarify for that one post that

Cumming is a city in Georgia

COVID, Pol (Cumming) 

nsfw/horny talk, p**os get bent 

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nsfw/horny talk 

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nsfw/horny talk 

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I hit someone in the knee with an arrow and Skyrim instantly crashed what the fuck

Might change my Avi :ablobcatbongo:

Debating between Link, Kaito or Fever (my FFXIV character)

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