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no cw for this one cause this is massively important

these are valuable resources in relation to the revolution happening in various cities and i highly recommend that y'all look through the info provided. includes not only links to donations and petitions, but also valuable resources to read through

everyone stay safe and take care, BLM and ACAB.

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like yeah i would rather take some bonfire head guy, the son of zeus and a funnyman skeleton over the same generic white guy any day

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why are indie video game characters 500% hotter than most triple A or company game

me: [at the podium at Soulja Boy's funeral]
I'd like to read you something that Soulja wrote, and that really affected me personally.
[clears throat, sniffling slightly]
I'm so fresh, you can suck my nuts,
I'm so fresh. . . you can suck my nuts.

audience: [through tears] Swag.

that pog moment when you recognize someone on twitter bc you follow them on mastodon

i know it's a case of a million monkeys with a million typewriters but the meme machine is putting out some fire images ngl


Mastodon is a press conference with 85 people ambling around on stage, all waiting to stand in front of a podium with dozens of microphones to give their big speech, and literally nobody in the audience except one guy who showed up to the wrong room for jury duty.

how the fuck is sunday almost over already again

remember when we all said 2016 was the worst year ever

something about a silent, tough character confessing their love to a more emotionally visible character hits different yknow

dead cells, art 

Fuckers say “congrats” cuz they don’t know how to spell “congrajulayshuns”

hot take feeding kids to the minotaur is a bad idea. i would take the minotaur on a date :) we could kiss :)

Maybe I should shift and become a "Ignore for satan!!!!" Kinda blog.

Boost for Minecraft, like for miku, ignore for satan

fuckers think we gotta be productive in a pandemic hell no im a bear now wake me up next year im hibernating

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man i dont wanna get out of bed i just want to sit here covered in my 7 pillows and 4 blankets and not have to worry about SHIT

the people have spoken i am gonna get out of bed,,, 9, hours,,, after waking up initially

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