also hey stop fucking being uncomfortable when you see homeless people, either irl or on your tl idc: you think we can't tell but we can, especially because some of us were there once, looking at these conversations and feeling that same discomfort and thinking that could never be us. you can't help because you are in poverty? that's fine! we wish you all the luck in the world! talk to us instead. the isolation is what kills half the time. you don't have to be spitting out money to help the homeless. giving them hope and the mental strength to go on is just as, if not more important. stop averting your eyes because of "guilt". it's not even guilt. it's that capitalism made you want to hate us, want to shun us and pretend like we're not there. capitalism HATES for you to acknowledge us, because we are proof of its failure. so if you are anti-cap, don't look away.

@nic while I agree with this, it is hard to not be uncomfortable around homeless people on the streets in the UK from personal experience. I have been harassed, attacked and threatened by them before if I ignore them or politely tell them I don't have any money on hand.

@nic There have been the occasional nice ones that I have stopped by and had a long conversation with and wished them the best for the future, and those ones have been pleasant and I have a warm heart for them, but there are also others who resort to un-necessary curse-words, and they do not deserve my attention because it's not welcoming at all.

@Violet i understand where you are coming from, and i am sorry that happened to you. no one has any excuse to harass or attack another, no matter what their situation is. hopefully though you can also understand why this comment also stings in a way. i know that no two groups can be equivalent since they all have their differences, so I don't say this to insult you because it is a very different group than others, but replace 'homeless' in your posts with any other minority group, and hopefully you can start to see what i mean. it feels, to me, like the same rhetoric of "you're not like those OTHER [x], you're one of the nice ones". though i do understand your discomfort due to your experiences and i am not going to tell you to change your behavior around them since it evolved for your own safety, i don't believe homeless people should have to be "welcoming" to receive help, just as other minorities, such as lgbt (that i too am a part of), don't have to be necessarily have to either.

@nic thank you for understanding. regardless of the minority group I do believe everyone should have equal opportunities and while I do care a lot about my own safety (I have autism and suffer from bad anxiety, for reference) the approach I take is treating people the way that I myself would like to be treated, with the exception of learning from mistakes if I have treated someone wrongly.

Nuanced discussion from perspective of homelessness, anecdotal 

re: Nuanced discussion from perspective of homelessness, anecdotal 





True talk, I used to think badly of people on welfare til I was on it myself...

@nic Hmm, yeah, I know I'm guilty of this as I struggle with social interactions to begin with, especially ones involving monetary or other transactions. It needs to be planned out and structured, otherwise I get stressed out and make some sort of mistake that causes me not to have money for other things I need.

So I should definitely make an effort to expect interactions with houseless folks and find something to offer even if it's not a material thing.

@nic And whatever you do, do NOT ever call the cops.
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