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paywalling education is a destructive act

i played fallout new vegas for the first time recently, got to level 2 and quit because i lost caravan 3 times in a row and i don't know how to come back from that

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- IS complicated
- IS NOT "almost impossibly" complicated
- DOES NOT support searchability that twitter users expect
- SHOULD NOT support the searchability twitter users expect, because that's not the point

nearly everybody who writes about mastodon says "I couldn't find ..."

The tip is, if you want to k ow something, ASK about it instead of being mad there isn't a global search feature because that's really not what masto is about

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you: all monarchy is bad, there cannot be a hierarchical system of governance tha-


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i drew matching reshiram and xerneas icons for myself

pls don't use, these are for me only for now

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actually gays should be the only people allowed to get married

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sexual violence, rape, prisons (2/2) 

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sexual violence, rape, prisons (1/2) 

if a mitski song reminds you of a specific period of your life there is a 70% chance you have trauma

@rat @tomatophobia idk if u guys fav'd for assignment bcus i was Too Vague but ur gettin one..... jack ur hunter slime n sal ur rad slime

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And this is also about quality of life now.

Although obviously a lot of people stay in shitty relationships for the wrong reasons,

There is also something incredibly valuable in having people around who have known you for decades.

And many of us never experience that. We've learned how to stick up for ourselves and how to let go, but we didn't learn enough about how to resolve conflicts and re-connect.

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With the capitalist-defined hallmarks of adulthood (stable employment, car, non-shared housing) often beyond our reach,

And amatonormative hallmarks of adulthood (monogamy, marriage, nuclear families) often deliberately rejected

A huge challenge is building the kind of stable connections that lasts through the decades into old age, with it's looming isolation.

We may think it won't happen to us, but so did our queer elders, many of whom now face loneliness and lack of a support system.

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Water is good for you year round. If you're thirsty, you're dehydrated.

do people still do those "ill assign you [x]" things. i wanna assign a slime

hi. ive been playing slime rancher all day

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food, ow 

i didnt even think of thomas sanders himself just specifically the monster he created

ive hit a new low. saw someone on fedi say "sanders" speaking about bernie sanders and immediately thought "sanders sides?????? whats that got to do with politics"

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