guy who puts "great work!" and "A+!!" stickers on his own office job paperwork

[conceptualizing the most aesthetically maximalist persona on earth] wow... shadow the hedgehog was right... i am all of me...

astronaut catgirls with big cat ear protectors on the helmet... thats what its all about folks

nsfw implied 

im the result of a reckless god listening to the whims of someone who was posting about how "more women should be useless fuckups" or whatever.

thats it. im going to become a recurring boss fight that then becomes a party member if you fulfill certain requirements

id be so hot if i didnt have chronic fatigue. i would also be an enemy of the st-

racism, politics 

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dr jekyll is a type of wereguy. half guy, half also guy.

kinning the warrior of light
"which one"
yours. hand 'em over.

someone tells me to put a little english on a ball. i steal the ball and attempt to put it in a museum

[trying to get you institutionalized] umm... you cant say 'insane' without proving you can reclaim it

"our company is dissolving and assets are being liquidated" like. like with acid? fucking acid?

liches get the bad end of the stick for undead and undead-adjacent wordplay. "licherally" just sounds british. so like whats the point

butterflies... the roomba of the natural sky? some say "maybe"

if video games are about escapism, i simply want to escape to a world where i can safely stand on roombas

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if you have roombas in ur video game u should be able to stand on them and they zoom you around.

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