us pol 

we should do the tower of babel again but reverse. basement of babel, lets go.

ive never seen micro furries, but like. actually micro.
this dog is only visible on an electron microscope. what's that next to the god particle? oh, it's just my fursona.

tony hawk needs to retire so we can all make dozens of variations on the same "more like tony hawk no skater" joke

kingdom hearts vr game. do an ars arcanum irl, breaking the nearest lightbulb instantly

nsfw, bad post 

imagining a fighting game where certain characters just straight up wont fight each other. if you pick that dude, your opponent gets locked out of certain choices.

theyre just best friends and you cant make them hit each other.

[putting lotion on for skincare] having a dermal one

imagining okami but youre a deer. my ideal game.

people only ever go ham. why will they not go other meats? i'm going sardine. absolutely quail.

mug that says "dont talk to me until ive had flour", filled with flour

not a bit: would it be legal to wear half-plate in public. like, in walmart or whatever.

just woke up hot as hell, call that a y'all-cano

going into the bank to put my gender in a lockbox only to find that, egads! someone has scurrilously awayed with my precious genders!

gender? i spent my entire childhood putting up facades for the sole benefit of other people, im not gonna actively do it as an adult too

we may both be boy scouts earning our rope-tying badges while using the same rope, but i am a life scout. we are knot the same.

was about to say my discover weekly kinda sucks this week but then i liked two songs in a row so smh

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