shirt that says "my eyes are here" followed by hadouken inputs

worship like a dog at the shrine of [borat voice] your wife

if i were light yagami, i would simply use the death note better,

tired: flat earth
wired: carpet with a rock under it earth

had a decent joke last night but its gone now. hope yall can cope with that great loss for culture, and humor :(

im gonna reuse these coke bottles or DIY trying

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fav this toot and you'll turn a gray star into a fun little yellow star instead!

concrete elemental that accidentally got formed from a turnpike
lovingly, or arguably agonizingly, referred to as the rock 'n toll

[accidentally surrounds myself with people who have clout]

cancelled for being goblematic

actually arrested for being hobgoblematic

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the punisher... is a climate change denier.

forgive me if that doesnt read well, i just woke up from a short nap and didnt wear my cpap. my brain's a bit foggy still.

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"i got reincarnated as a noble's child and became a class traitor?!?"

making a self titled album and then an album titled "self titled"

dont mind me just installing sewer grates on your timeline

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