🎶​i am the very model of a leftist sectarian​
🎶​the most praxis that i know to do is dunk on comrades and the therians


canada pol 

:ablobcatrave:​the moral implications of existence:ablobcatrave:

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maybe nihilist 

nihilism, joke 

nsfw, lewd, joke 

[furry with giant paws on their fursona voice] the fursuit of bappyness


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actually i'm a prussian asset, it's completely different

we need a chainsaw emoji. no reason. 👱‍♀️ :owobread:

pda sorta 

pretty happy with being like 5'3-4ish tbh

"please do tag as kin/me/id even if its not true"

[year 3000 meme historian voice] "im baby", potentially derived from "im banky",

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We have:
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