503 gateway actually too good.
you dont deserve it.

yes trespassing, but be chill about it

think i might be allergic to my screen, every time i put my face 2 inches from it for several hours they get red and watery :///

if you see a catboy at the end of a long tunnel, thats heaven and you fucked up.

homestuck kinnie house but theres like 30 daves

im gonna start teaching moose to eat meat. thats a threat.

💠 what is this supposed to be other than a ghost from destiny

when i see "source?" it immediately primes me to be angry and tell someone to fuck off, but its genuine like... over half the time

force-lemming (i throw you off a cliff)

"avocados are the room-temperature water of berries," i say before logging out and swearing off the internet forever

today is my allotted 12 hours of normal human energy i guess

just finished a three hour bathtub scrub, since we're moving out. and by finished i mean i did most of it.

new law that makes determining nation's borders based on sports and then abolishing sports so there cant be any borders

i would simply not test and get it right the first time like a genious,

my reading folder has 85 bookmarks and theyre mostly mangadex... i dont know how many are trashy isekai but its a sizable percent. being true to myself................

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