where are my post-order bonuses? this is temporally-displaced phobic

if i streamed, my bit would be "doing sick tech deck tricks for new subscribers"

pronouns they/then cause im livin' in the past............ :pensive_cowboy:

queer discourse 

its really not even 10pm yet and its been going for hours. i cannot fucking do this.

i guess its that time again [turns on twister]

[clearly stalling] my gender? oh... my gender? could it be you mean my gender?

8 hours work, 8 hours rest, 8 hours looking up tangentially related topics until youre reading about machine elves

art WIP, stylized fire 

afraid to watch more of ff7re and ending up kinning aerith :pensive_cowboy:

youve heard of the anthropocene, now get ready for... the guillocene


welcome to the antifa weapons workshop
[slaps half of a lawnmower where the bucket should be on an excavator]


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