mouse mspaint wip
idk if i hate this design im haphazardly slapping together or not?? :thonk:

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do you think the 8 guys who own everything are like, friend friends or just work friends? :blobcatsurprised:

mixing high-class equestrian fashion and clown/jester fashion (the nose stays on)

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re: dreams, drone kink 

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dreams, drone kink 

sometimes you see people call your kins "wife" and you have to learn to live with that

remembering one of the last times i saw my therapist she asked me if i'd heard about DID unprompted lmao


alcohol, joke 

every day my keysmash gets closer to sksksksk, like a tswift stan or an unnaturally large bug enemy in a video game

yeah im sort of like a machine empath (i input what i want to hear and then believe the output)

nsfw/kink mention 

ate too much and now my tummy hurts ówò
with every action i sow, i reap only consequence ŭwŭ

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my friends were talking about ocs and i didnt have ANY pictures of this old one to show her to them, so i slapped a mouse drawing together

guy who gets cancelled for faking their wordles

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