slapping a "registered hypercam 2" watermark on all my videos, images, and streams

boss makes a dollar
i make a dollar
every employee is technically the boss
co-ops are a great business model

nsfw joke 

food m, medical 

if i played smash, i would simply not get hit by hero's attacks

im not good at strategy games like civ but i do get addicted to them for one (1) session

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[no longer capable of using my microphone] haha glue yeti

destiny shitpost, nsfw 

vent, A$ 

medical (~) 

forming the queer antihero association

im very learned. watch this shit:
"et tu, horatio. wherefore art thou, brutus?"

going to the dmv to register that my ford fiesta has been cancelled

medical (+) 

bringing hundreds of groan tubes to the protests to turn the audio into horrific droning that drowns out all recordings, and is also fun for children

cant wait to get married. sure hope theres no one on here that will tell me not to., the instance for just... extraordinarily bad takes

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