now obviously i HATE being suscitated. but being resuscitated...?

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newborn inexplicably born with "do not suscitate" sticker on side of head

canadian pol 

this binder fits :D
but it didnt get exchanged for another black one :'/

i obviously transitioned so that wrapping one of my arms in bandages for fashion becomes somewhat endearing cringe instead of just cringe

gonna start grasping my head and saying things like "this dark power... i... i have to suppress it for their sake" or "the second seal within my right eye has been breached...?" whenever i get these really bad one-sided headaches from now on

you cant stop me from naming my bard "huxtable c. crunchwrap III." youre railroading

nsfw, joke 

was gonna make a post joking about me just being the worst kind of catgirl, but then the list of reasons im a catgirl got too long and it became too close to being a description rather than a joke,

the cat was hissing at an opossum so naturally i went out and also hissed at it. that was my first instinct for some reason

that said, i almost laid my face next to it and i was, in fact, viscerally terrified for a solid minute

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actively trying to be the gf who catches and releases spiders instead of the gf who's viscerally terrified to the point of being unable to do anything about it. thats growth, probably

just realized i couldve posted the stream announcement here too. yall missed me being both hard carry and also the world largest burden in splitgate

nsfw, joke 

pointing at people and saying "the first time you felt a gender was seeing the blue haired bitch from 'KaBlam!'." until i find someone who's reaction proves me right

how it started:
oh fuck i dropped a wrench in the time loop stabilizer
how its going:
oh fuck i dropped a wrench in the time loop stabilizer

i think more people should call me pet names in my life. imo.

strong people come help me move a desk. im too weak, and cute (chronically fatigued)

i regret to inform you all that my tinnitus, a sound and thus cancelled, has made an alt.

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put in earplugs and realized i hate hearing things, it just makes me anxious. fuck sound. sound is cancelled.

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