adhd advice that's like, Sticky Notes, Reminders, Calendars etc is always so funny to me. it's not bad advice it's just like, Yeah Damn You're Right, If Was More Organized More Of The Time I Would Have Less Problems, Huh


it's like depression advice that's like "take a walk, take a shower, etc". they are important parts of self care but also That's What I Can't Do. That's The Thing. i said "im having trouble doing things" and you said "well have you considered doing things?"

if my brain was willing and capable to keep records and do tiny, regular actions to keep my life functioning well (such as, but not limited to, writing in calendars and setting reminders), well would you believe it. my life might be functioning well

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and again stuff like that isn't bad advice, physical tools to help with organization are great! it's just that the advice is happening on the wrong level. adhd isn't "oh huh just never occurred to me i could take notes" disorder. it's "i know i need to do this oh god I know i should be doing this but for some reason i can't oh god" disorder. the advice needs to be not on the actions, but on how to mentally or physically put yourself into a place where you can do the actions. with maybe like. a side helping of what are some types of actions that will be easier for a person with adhd to accomplish. i think. imo anyway

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@myconidiosyncrasy my advice on how to handle adhd: stop showing any adhd symptoms

@myconidiosyncrasy making it real easy to do the actions maybe. like incredibly easy. like,

i'm helpless without a calendar, todo list, and contacts manager, but i could never keep a paper one up to date. fortunately i started college just as cell phones/PDAs got cheap and reliable, so i had an easy way to write stuff down on me at all times.

i still forgot to put a lot of shit in there (and to this day i tend to ignore todo list items that make me feel shitty for not having done them) but _less_ stuff was slipping through the cracks than before. and this was a year or two before i even suspected i had ADHD, let alone had meds for it.

if i'd had to work off paper though? yeesh. probably would have actually failed school instead of just nearly, and then died of something preventable because i forgot to go to the doctor

@myconidiosyncrasy bundling stuff into routines helps too i guess, even if they're not super related. and using things that will definitely happen as reminders.

cats meowing at me? must be morning or evening. feed cats. brush teeth. take HRT. (i use a watch alert for meds too but once in a while i forget or ignore my watch)

need to take something with me to work or on a trip or whatever? leave it in front of the door so i physically cannot get out of the house without moving it.

end of week? gotta shave and shower and wash my hair so i look pretty for my girlfriends.

tackling non-routine shit? hahahaha i have no idea

@vyr okay all of this is all correct and good but the thing im rly taking away is "oh god thank FUCK im not the only one who only ever shaves (+maybe showers and clothes washes) on fridays/sat mornings specifically because i might see someone over tye weekend who's opinion on my physique i care about"

@myconidiosyncrasy yeah i try (and don't always fail) to wash more often than that

but this strat is my iron floor

@vyr i mean yeah same it's more like. work requires clothes worn <6 times in a row and flesh cleaned <3 days ago and face shaved less than ehhhhh. maybe 36 days ago. which is not a great hygiene life to be living generally but FORTUNATELY, i have friends whomst i want to like me who i visit occasionally on the weekends who restart all of these cycles afresh

@myconidiosyncrasy picking up habits is a cunt and a half, i know a low dose of psychedelics makes cleaning extremely less of a hassle tho

@myconidiosyncrasy yelling at one of those digital assistants for reminders might help, it's like 50/50 on whether that feels more immediate than pulling a pen and pad out i think


re: substances 

re: substances 

re: substances maybe using one (1) method for a week and a half at a time really is the correct answer for us

anyway i'm stealing this to tell (verbatim) to my therapist if i ever go back to them. because shit liek this is why i haven't been back.

hug ty

@myconidiosyncrasy personally im great at fucking around with organisational tools and getting them to behave the way i want

instead of actually doing the things i am supposed to be organising with the organisational tools

im very powerful

@myconidiosyncrasy I see you're missing your left leg and that's causing you problems, have you considered not missing your leg, that might help I think

what if you could just levitate yourself or have telekinetic powers over other objects, have you tried that, I'm sure that would 100% solve your problems, I heard a story about someone who did that by eating nuclear waste, so that's what you should do

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