[checking my various radars, gauges] oh wow would you look at this chief, says that toxic masculinity STILL isn't caused by testosterone. who'd have thought huh

the radars and gauges always say this. they have said this forever. not even sure why we're still testing for it to be honest

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[showing a new intern around] yep this is device shows us that "correlating harmful behavior to types of emotions is unhelpful and not really accurate at best, ableist at worst" and then this one over here says "the concept that sexism and toxic masculinity flow naturally from some biological aspect cissexists associate with masculinity is Terfism Light(tm)" pretty cool stuff huh

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"what's this one over here mean??" well mx. new intern, that's the one that pretty indisputably informs us that "the association between estrogen and harmless, gentle behavior is not only inaccurate, it's pretty fucking condescending and sexist in and of itself"

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me: does harmless gentle behaviour
me: *blocks my testosterone*
me: still does harmless gentle behaviour
me: *replaces it with estrogen a bit later on*
me: still does harmless gentle behaviour

ah yes definitely the estrogen caused this

@00dani here at a Gender Labs Co we absolutely stan one gentle, harmless ponie !!

@myconidiosyncrasy preach it, brother

"estrogen makes you pretty, it doesn't make you nice" was a trans girl meme at some point, but it's lost currency

@vyr and,, hot take, honestly it might even make you nice!! like every person's gender experience and relationship to hrt is very different and it's completely feasible to me that a change in hormones could make you a nicer person. but to assume that that's an Innate Attribute of the hormones, not some combination of personal factors, is just like??? can you hear yourself. can you hear yourself saying terf things about hormones

@myconidiosyncrasy @vyr i think it is just that psychologically one might feel more affirmed from taking hrt & feel right & euphoric in the effects etc and more confident in oneself and so that might make oneself nicer

@myconidiosyncrasy @vyr tldr is that testosterone is just as likely to make u nicer too :)

@j @vyr yeah!! breaking news self analysis, actively making changes to make urself happier, then being happier?? feeling more comfortable and in tune with yourself?? can potentially make you nicer generally. wild stuff

@myconidiosyncrasy i will never understand the desire of some trans people and "allies" to entertain gender essentialism when it makes them feel good, especially when it directly comes at the expense of other trans people. Like... Come on bro, Stop That.

long sry 

re: long sry 

re: long sry 

re: long sry 

re: long sry 

@myconidiosyncrasy I had seen and boosted a post about people trying to cure covid with hrt because it speculated that hrt would be easier to get because of the kind of people wanting it were previously the kind of people making it hard to get, but unboosted it because there was also this part about "melting away toxic masculinity" that I overlooked and it's like, no

also the post was from somebody with a blank bio who immediately tried to follow me after the boost, so that's sus

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