it's always like. horrifying and stressful for me to hear about how other people do laundry they are like "yeah so i separate my reds from my pinks and and hang anything which has a 2% nylon rating or higher and i leave a little salt offering for the laundry goddess and btw i have to carry all my laundry to the laundry machine shop and pay money for it bc washing machines are apparently not an essential utility that my landlord should provide"


i encourage what i like to call "textile based natural selection" in my clothing items, basically if it can't survive the washer on hot and the dryer it didn't deserve to be my clothing in the first place

red shirt turned my socks pink?? buddy i literally can't list on a fucking gigabyte sized text document all the problems i have that are larger than this

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in addition to the fantasy i have about having a walkin closet which holds my washer/dryer unit so i can keep all my clothes safely confined in one space, i also so desperately want one of those units that is both a washer and a dryer at once. like i cannot overstate enough how the simple act of moving wet clothes to a different machine is almost a step too much for me to handle

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@myconidiosyncrasy I love my washer drier. I finally caved, and do separate laundry a bit, but mainly just "can it be dried or not?", because that means I can just yeet everything in that bag in whenever I feel like it, and set it going on a full cycle.

@swift you are my idol. im literally looking at this going "god one day im gonna be financially stable enough to acquire a washer drier and functional enough to separate out one or two delicates". an absolute inspiration to the people

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