need a reverse scarecrow. a comfortcrow. need an ornament to put in my garden that will bring every crow in a hundred miles radius and make them feel loved and safe

@myconidiosyncrasy oh no i need this oh no oh GOD i desperately need this to be a thing a friendcrow

@myconidiosyncrasy a statue of mr. peanut who dispenses peanuts. But with crow wings.

@myconidiosyncrasy apparently, combined with a few other efforts, fake crows actually attract them lol

@hammerhead hey london quick question have u listened to any magnus archives

@hammerhead one of it's themes is the horror of "fake" person made for the purpose of like, fooling real people and i feel like Fake Crow To Summon More Crows is absolutely an eldritch god move and i love it

@myconidiosyncrasy With correct positioning it could easily supplant the role of the scarecrow.

@myconidiosyncrasy @OchotonidKnight
crow skate park with a roadkill donation trough and good sentry poles for the sentry crows, small buckets of chicken nuggets within puzzle boxes (not hellraiser just something entertainingly complex). A capybara.

@myconidiosyncrasy @OchotonidKnight
visitors would be like a people zoo for the crows to look at

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