i think instead of a sandman we should have a sleep sheep

man that comes into your bedroom and puts fucking sand in your eyes??? cursed. adrenaline inducing. unpleasant. the sleep sheep: she's a sheep that sits outside your door and protects you from Evil Forces and also shushes everyone who makes noise to keep things quiet and peaceful for you. now thats a PROPER specter of rest

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the only reason she ever comes into your room is to cover up all those annoying little leds on your electronics. and she brings 0 sand with her, just a faint odor of clean laundry

im so good at this they should put me in charge of making up the gods

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@purple she is not entirely pure 👀 but she is ethical and smells lightly of laundry which is the next best thing

@myconidiosyncrasy okay but as an occasional sheep-wrangler, the idea of sheep smelling like clean laundry is 1) hilarious and 2) goddamn would they smell a bit nicer if they did

@certifiedsystem oh yeah sheep are STINKED. part of why i specified as the layman would probably have troubles sleeping if their roomed smelled of sheep lol

@certifiedsystem also not to be That Guy but working with sheep?? comically new zealander of you

@myconidiosyncrasy Oh I Am Quite Aware lmao

(Unfortunately I'm p sure there are now more dairy cows than there are sheeps here)

@certifiedsystem the demand for cow milk is alas,, probably a lot higher than the demand for wool these days :/ all these new kids with their "soft, plastics based clothes" that "aren't itchy" smh

@myconidiosyncrasy dfghjk shit ur right i didnt consider that AT ALL

Also we did a sensory roadshow last year for study and so I put some scented things like herbs and coffee beans and shit into bottles (with labels)

And one of the bottles had some unwashed sheeps wool

One of my classmates who smelled it was "it smells like home" 'cause they grew up on a sheep farm

The general reaction of the children we did the roadshow for was "it smells like POO!"


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