i can FEEL myself becoming a grumpy old man. i can feel it unfolding in my skin,

it's all down hill from here. it's going to be weird fishing slogans and jeans that don't fit and not understanding kid's music. it's like i am watching a train wreck

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"the problem with shows these days--" "apps and technology are the devil" who do i think i am???

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@myconidiosyncrasy OH MY GOD literally this weekend my Mum was visiting and I went on and ENTIRE 1.5 rants about Technology These Days and It's Mostly Awful

@certifiedsystem i LOVE to complain about tech to my mom. she doesn't understand everything im saying but she understands the Energy. The Grump. The Distaste For New Fangled Devices

@myconidiosyncrasy I thought this was @whalefall for a sec lmaoo, serious old man energy

@hammerhead @whalefall old men of the fedi unite. let us sit at a poorly lit and terribly battered pub table in the corner and chew on our pipes and grumble about the state of things

@hammerhead @whalefall GOD no. need enough time leftover in the evening to get home and make my old lady her favorite spaghetti :)

@hammerhead i just remembered old people eat supper at like 4pm fuck shit ive ruined the integrity of the bit

@myconidiosyncrasy if it makes you feel better my parents, grandmother, and great grandmother are 7:30-8pm eaters

@hammerhead it does. very relieved that it will still be legal for me to eat past 6pm when i am ancient

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