can't stop thinking about this hot gender but it's hard to describe


it's like:
-leather jacket
-very tight jeans
-lollipop (or a brightly colored slushie)
-being a fucking nuisance

optional add ons are like:
-unlaced docks
-tight white t shirt
-big doll eyes vacant expression

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i see someone like this walk by my brain literally shuts down for the day

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WAIT when i say lipstick/eyeliner tho i don't just mean generally. i mean a very specific type and it's like. classic heavy catseye/perfect heart shape red lips OR some gratingly bright and/or pastel variation of this. like it can't just be a nice subtle pink lip or a smokey eye. it's gotta be AGGRESSIVE it's gotta be KINDA TACKY. do u get what im saying at all does this vibe

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@BestGirlGrace yeah i was gonna add like. it's a Painfully Gay look but it can be extremely mlm or extremely wlw. there's no effective difference in what would be worn

@wxcafe @BestGirlGrace had to look this up but YEAH almost exactly. like the tacky american boardwalk version of this

@myconidiosyncrasy @BestGirlGrace like, as a basis. missing some color accent, the sunglasses, and probably eyeliner wings

@myconidiosyncrasy @BestGirlGrace I remember my mom being all like "no you don't understand, marlon brando was really good looking back in the day" and it's like oh I do understand mom he was A Bad Boy Twink

@myconidiosyncrasy it's such a good fuckin' look, and you are making me very aware that I have all the stuff needed to pull this off

@myconidiosyncrasy on occasion this has been me but i no longer have a leather jacket


@myconidiosyncrasy Tristan ... you're starting to scare me with how well you're describing my vibes

@SuperGideon gdi nobody ever told me drinking a lot of water would make me hot i may have to reevaluate my anti water drinkers stance

@myconidiosyncrasy drinking water gives you the energy to wack facists with bats and use the edge of a knife to line up your eyelines

@aoife @SuperGideon picture this: you need a beverage. you have two (2) choices. you can drink;
a) plain normie tap water
b) water with a little bit of lime juice in it :}

you pick b becaus u are sensible and limes are good

@00dani @aoife @SuperGideon you can substitute "limes" with literally any fresh tasting substance !!! amything u pick will be fundamentally less boring than water!!!

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