ive said it before and ill say it again: pressuring people to give their pronouns sucks ass actually

if the system youve put in place to normalize asking for/giving pronouns doesn't leave a quiet, subtle option for people to abstain, you have made the space u r curating absolutely miserable for questioning and closeted trans ppl

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"ugh cis guys don't ever put their pronouns/love to jokingly say any" not to dismiss cisnormative cultures and the damage done by all the cis guys who really don't give a shit about pronouns but there is actually a nonzero chance you're harassing a trans woman

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"okay but there's a difference between the way cis guys--" You Have Absolutely No Idea Who Is Trans Or How They Will Behave. You Do Not Get To Decide What Closeted Trans People Say About Themselves To Stay Safe

like obviously if someone makes a derisive/transphobic comment everyone can and should tell them to get fucked but outside of that stop pretending you can (or should even be trying to???) identify every trans person on sight lmao

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