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re: snack food hot take 

re: snack food hot take 

re: this is probably a form of self harm 

re: this is probably a form of self harm 

re: this is probably a form of self harm 

@ItsMorgan yea i like how they added more, like, management stuff than was in warband

@ItsMorgan particularly like that armour is mostly for fashion, and that you have specific non combat equipment

@ItsMorgan my only problem with bannerlord is your entire getting killed every couple days and then having to re-recruit a bunch of people just for it to repeat again gets kinda annoying

but sides that
its just warband but better which is great

@ItsMorgan tbh you dont even really need to level the skill to make stuff, it just makes it so you dont lose stats when you make the stuff

main thing is unlocking the stuff which sucks

@ItsMorgan its something i kinda just
do on the side

like ill mainly just follow around a lord's army then when we go into town ill melt everything we got down and then rest for a day before rejoining army

@ItsMorgan oh
yea it does

mainly cus of the having to rest to regain stamina thing

also getting new things you can make takes ages

making your own swords is rad tho

wotlk dk feels like youre like
actually managing stuff

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post mop dk just kinda feels like youre just smashing your face into your keyboard

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i dont know exactly why but pre-mop DK feels more like a spell caster that also melees as opposed to mop onwards dk which just feels like a melee

and thats why i like it more

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