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im having a lot of mood swings today for some reason

my dads pretty sick and it has me worried

im done for today but

once i found outt how to edit object properties and create uhh

line cut things

it became super easy to do what i wanted to do

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what im most frustrated with in blender right now is everything is like

hey just make a cube or a sphere and shape that

and cool fine

but thats not how i accomplish what i want to accomplish

youd think the first and most important part of using blender to learn would be like

how to create a vertex

i simply want to add a point to this cube to make it a pentago so i can turn it into a tree like this

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blender youtube tutorials suck and arent helping me with what i want to do

i wonder if im cool and smart enough to be able to figure out blender enough to be able to start making the thing i have in mind immediately today

(prolly not)

think today im gonna start to learn some blender

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