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give me how many kofis you want and ill draw you something :ablobcatbongo:

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send this to ice whenever he does some Stupidde Shitte

just found out that eyjafjalla s2 can be replaced by pudding

yknow what
fuck scarvio fuck swsh can we go back to bw/b2w2 art direction?

something that nintendo fans and league of legends fans have in common is that they both act like fucking children

i dont understand how do you do this

decided to read the new bnha chapter because people are talking about it and i felt nothing

also horikoshi is such a good artist but a shit author

i hope they don't let this man write again so soon

i stopped to think about how midoriya izuku is a shit character and realized hes a literal gary stu

if you listen closely you can hear the air passing thru my head

listen too closely and youll hear the screams of the souls i consumed

even if i can speak now i mostly fucking wont and people just dont even try to stay around me

i remember why i didnt like school

quagsire is pretty unga already tbh

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new pokemon is always cool because new creatures
but its becoming more aparent game freak does not know how to make games

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