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maybe she's born with it

maybe it's grs

you don't have a right to ask or know and that's okay

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what the fuck is a fantasy and why is there a final one

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CURRENT Invasion of Wet'suwet'en Nation by Canada 1/n 

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mandating phone calls as the only way to access a service is just kinda a shitty thing to do

looking at you, uni health and wellness center


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housing⭐ mastopals, boost away. undoc’d trans woman in Toronto (hi) got salevicted & needs a new home by Jan 1st (or late as Jan 31st)! UPDATE: 24 December 2019… 

- my girlfriend turned into the moon
- ... that's rough buddy

Just rewatched the Western Air Temple -- the "Zuko here" scene makes me laugh so hard every time I love this episode there is such a diverse range of emotions

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here are some levar burton replacements for the drake emojis if you want them for your instance

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The UK isn't the only nation-state with elections today. After the massive protests that have been running all year in Algeria, the country is finally having a presidential election without the incumbent for the first time in 20 years.

However, the main 5 candidates for this election are all figures in the establishment, most of which held positions under the incumbent president.

The Movement for a Democratic Alternative, the broad coalition of opposition parties from far-left Marxists to centrist liberals, have called for a boycott of these elections and the establishment of a truly democratic constituent assembly.

me: I should go to bed
1.5 h later still not even ready for bed: WHY am I still awake?!

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I will avoid becoming an adult by never not having my bed in the corner

this is a whole category (not exactly genre) of music that is just missing 😮​

quick anyone have friendship breakup songs?

mental health 

mental health 

"I ain't got rhythm" from Phineas and Ferb, on the other hand is a beautiful and hilarious example of irony

It ironic and frustrating that telling people they are being defensive tends to make them more defensive.

And me saying "hey maybe don't use that word ever "is not an attack on your freedom of speech and then turn it around to accuse me of invading your privacy and hypothetically lecturing people.

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