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how was knitting even invented??? like who wrapped a sheep round a couple of twigs and accidentally made a scarf

dissociation, catatonia, sarcasm 

the feeling of needing to escape but there's nothing to escape from??? and it's too dark to sprint down a sidewalk

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Reminder, non binary people don't owe you:

  • their agab
  • androgyny
  • time
  • they/them pronouns
  • forgiveness for fucking up

You owe non binary people:

  • five dollars
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maybe she's born with it

maybe it's grs

you don't have a right to ask or know and that's okay

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what the fuck is a fantasy and why is there a final one

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mandating phone calls as the only way to access a service is just kinda a shitty thing to do

looking at you, uni health and wellness center


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housing⭐ mastopals, boost away. undoc’d trans woman in Toronto (hi) got salevicted & needs a new home by Jan 1st (or late as Jan 31st)! UPDATE: 24 December 2019… 

- my girlfriend turned into the moon
- ... that's rough buddy

Just rewatched the Western Air Temple -- the "Zuko here" scene makes me laugh so hard every time I love this episode there is such a diverse range of emotions

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The UK isn't the only nation-state with elections today. After the massive protests that have been running all year in Algeria, the country is finally having a presidential election without the incumbent for the first time in 20 years.

However, the main 5 candidates for this election are all figures in the establishment, most of which held positions under the incumbent president.

The Movement for a Democratic Alternative, the broad coalition of opposition parties from far-left Marxists to centrist liberals, have called for a boycott of these elections and the establishment of a truly democratic constituent assembly.

me: I should go to bed
1.5 h later still not even ready for bed: WHY am I still awake?!

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I will avoid becoming an adult by never not having my bed in the corner

this is a whole category (not exactly genre) of music that is just missing 😮​

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quick anyone have friendship breakup songs?

mental health 

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