@livolt I would not hesitate to empty a full clip into any one of these abominations

@livolt 3, totally a 3. Baguettes don't get to suddenly be bendy just because they're able to move.

@mxsiege @livolt Even if they did turn bendy, it would mean their crust was soft and rubbish, therefore 3 is still preferable.

@mxsiege @livolt it's between 3 and 6. going to go buy some to see it in real life and learn the truth.

@whiskeysailor @mxsiege @livolt

It’s 3 but they do it underneath the desert sands, their natural habitat


7. It's very "Veggie Tales"-esque

2 if it's a doggo baguette.

@livolt As a french person, i'd say :

If it is a classy baguette with cereals and exquisite taste, 7

Otherwise, 6

@livolt Elsewhere, someone has wisely noted that 3, 5, 6, and 7 are the only options that would not crack the crust. "Empty a clip into these bastards," however, is also a wise solution.

@livolt I imagine them sidewinding which doesn't seem to be an option

@livolt some of these blatantly disregard the material properties of actual baguettes in a way i find quite vexing, so i guess i'm gonna go with 3, 5, 6, or 7.

@livolt Absolutely not to 1, 2, 4, and 8.

6 is suspect.

3 seems the best. With 5 and 7 being close seconds.

@livolt 5 is the most realistic, but 6 is the scariest

@livolt 6 when they're fresh (in the morning), 2 at midday, 6 again in the evening

@livolt baby/toddler baguettes use number 2, young baguettes use 6, adult baguettes use 7 or 3, and finally, the eldest baguettes use number 5

I rather find 7 creepy and 6 like... harmlessly strolling. It's curious to see someone feel the exact opposite way about it. (As in cool and interesting)

2 and 8 look super fun to me but 6 seems most plausible.

@livolt it's not my favorite but i think 6 is the only actual 'walk'

@livolt a good baguette is crusty on the outside, so it would not move like a slug. The 7th way seems great because it has minimal contact with the ground so less dirty.

6 all the way. It maintains a walk-y gait and it's not bendy

@livolt definitely 6 or 7 imho, bendy baguettes are not baguettes

@livolt 5 looks like it expends the least energy so probably that

@livolt rolling seems like the path of least resistance, thus favoured by nature. But baguettes are smoothed on the bottom so I believe they in fact slide along the ground without bending or rolling, using means incomprehensible to simple mammals

@livolt after long study and thought, 6 seems more French, thier native homeland, so I'm going with 6 unless they have lived abroad a while than 3

@livolt Having dropped numerous baguettes, the answer is 5.

@livolt anyone who says anything but 5 or 7 is a psychopath that probably eats human flesh

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