is it

if you want a surreal experience look up eggdog on youtube. thank me later.

do you ever just feel like nothing is going right in life and decide to open up minecraft again for a couple of hours and think


at least I have a cool horse

I've gotta be doing something right

someone: *does minor act of kindness that they probably didn't even realize I appreciated*

me: *won't be able to stop thinking about it for two weeks*

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we have polls now

"I'm sorry, it's neither of my gays."

garfield kart is apparently on sale on steam right now. it's 1 dollar. should I buy it

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do you ever make an actually good joke and then wonder how you came up with it on the spot. like. my jokes are never SUPPOSED to be actually funny.

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is discord lurking valid if you aren't doing it in the main channel y/n

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you don't need to know what someone looks like to know that they're beautiful

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tfw you see a post that isn't by a bot because you're pretty much following only bots

in the UK region, trainer battles are replaced with tea time and gym battles have you sit down and hold a meaningful conversation for 10 minutes

idea: host a game of cards against humanity at 3 am so you can rule out people with good decision making skills

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Fellas is it gay to fascinate? You basically being irresistibly charming or attractive to ☕️😳

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