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Oh you're making jokes about intelligence? Haha wouldn't it be funny if I blocked you

if you've spent any length of time on the fediverse and value anti-racism, community building, decoloniality, challenging oppressive cultural norms, and generally making spaces safe for vulnerable folks, then you've benefited from the work that @CaribenxMarciaX has done here

if you can afford a few quid each month, i highly recommend subscribing to show your appreciation and help them continue their work (and you get top content and updates straight into your mailbox!):

Smthn I've been thinking abt

People on social media just don't post things that are conductive to conversation, like I can't reply with thoughtful comments or questions without it coming off as really forced

and that sux

drink, gross 

i like my gender how i like my coffee :blobcatcoffee:

i hate coffee :blobcatknife:

I am often tempted to draw but I will simply not for the sake of my health

Honesatly might just stop using social media altogether cuz it's clear I'm never going to make any friends here

Sometimes I want to like live a completely different life and then decide if I want to keep that life or come back to this one, y'know? Maybe try a third life out? idk

grades really dont work as a concept because in the abstract you are measuring their understanding of new information but in reality you are actually measuring the student's mental health, how engaged they are in learning, how much shit is going on in their life at the time, etc

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Knowing that vtubers are associated with a media corporation kinda sours the whole things tbh

Tired of finding out things I used to like aren't enjoyable anymore

poll for Black people, boost ++ 

hey! white person reading this! answer this poll. mlk is watching.

i have a close friend of more than 3 years that is Black

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet expanding my "ways in which american culture acts christian even when its secular" list once again

it is very interesting to hear this considering the low opinion most Americans have at any given time of congress. the people who do the act are considered profane and evil while the place they do it is sacred and holy

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also fuck the idea that the capitol is fucking "sacred". American civil religion is gross on so many levels, but sanctifying the halls where imperialism and subjugation radiate from is grotesque on so many levels

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