efdn is hella slow rn, anyone able to see my posts? i see them on local, but home feed is "preparing" and taking 5 seconds per api request to home, lemme try relog

hi im moving to @purringChaos@trollian.space

jarfield (jean garfield)
jupernatural (jean supernatural)
joctor joo (jean {doctor,who})
jells jitchen
jotel jightmares
janger jings
jaking jad
jame jov jones
je jimpjons
jojack jorsejan
jeh jeoffice
jooklen jine jine
je j-jiles (the jean files)
jar jeck

jean gun
can fire at a rate of 10 jorts per second

jean it (search it)
jucked (jean fucked)
jastard (jazz (jean jazz) bastard)

jamazon (jean jamazon)
jezosite (jean bezosite (amazon))

you seem to be at a joss (jean | || || |_)

jaos jemralds (jean chaos jean emeralds)
jonic (jean sonic)
jails (jean tails)
jamy (jean amy)
jadow (jean shadow)
juckles (jean knuckles)
juper jonic jacing (jean {super,sonic,racing})

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