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Hyperbolic? No no no, I'm Hypergolic!

Explodes on contact with you

so much work to do today and at least two official calls to make mamma mia

encyclopedia obscura mathematica but when you open it it's just cheat codes to speedrun through euclidia online.

you can tell me about the adverse effects of digital echo chambers all you want. i still won't talk about anime outside highly selected discord servers.

do not eat fennel seeds after garlic. your taste buds will disown you.

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whenever she looks melancholic i just want to give her a big hug ;-;

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how do therapists tell enlightened people that their biggest challenge will be realising that not everybody is enlightened.

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@nutt i think this would probably apply to light water rather than CANDU reactors. CANDU tech doesn't use enriched uranium (its cheaper and safer because it can't be used to create weaponry) while also using almost 40% less uranium than light water reactors altogether resulting in less waste. they're also safer and virtually impossible (that's right chemically impossible) to end up in a situation that near disaster levels with.

the only thing i miss about living in a certain country (apart from the restaurants there) are the giant plates of arabic sweets guests used to bring us whenever they came over.

the hallway in this apartment is so long walking through it is its own kind if liminality.

has anybody actually lost a mark on calculus tests because of forgetting to add the + c after differentiating or was my teacher just extremely generous and let it go every time it slipped my mind.

missed playing online go with complete strangers.

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Every one of you has an American accent when I read your posts sorry

why is colouring so hard. i don't care if my /drawings/ are trash (in fact there's a specific kind of entertainment value gained from making obviously terrible art). if the colouring's not good enough however? genuine disappointment.

i woke up from the weirdest dream where minato was very distantly an uzumaki and naruto and boruto were (half) brothers.

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