helpness blues has everything you could possibly want from an album. narrative, thematic significance, replayability, lyricism, profundity, prose, poetry, you name it and a band of foxes will hand it to you on a gilded platter.

ah the virtues and pleasures of private journaling. we are well acquainted once again.


kaeya slander reached it's height when someone said they were going to hand over his spot on their party to qiqi.

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flutes that can mimic birdsong are pleasant to the ear.

englisch ist mein lieblingsfach, lieblingsfach, lieblingsfach. was ist dein lieblingsfach? english oder was? turnen ist mein lieblingsfach, lieblingsfach, lieblingsfach. was ist dien lieblingsfach? turnen oder was? einmal in der woche, kunst und musik, zweimal in der woche, geschichte und deutch, dreimal in der.

tusccan, doricc, ionicc. the three clasiccal orders.

bias was birthed when hesiod and ovid crowned calliope chief of all muses when the title clearly belongs to thalia.

boy and bear are a great band. thank you to the people who recommended southern sun to me. this has honestly been one of the best years for my playlists im very happy to say.

the arpeggios from featherweight.

when it comes to greek tragedies there's a ninety percent chance every political science student has read or at least heard of sophocles's antigone but questions its relevance to their discipline.

wonder where armchair philosophers get their nihilist interpretations of nietzche. its probably a consequence of his perspectivism since he believes humans don't have any legitimate source of authority when it comes to the truth but he still isn't denying the existence of truth either.

there is only one type of movie that has top notch re-watch potential and that is the sensual, emotionally evocative kind. there is absolutely no reason for me to re-watch movies where the primary source of enjoyment is the narrative and plot. those are some of my favourite movies but why go back to them when they've already given me all they had set out to offer.

memory unlocked: watching the sun rise over the grand canyon. there was a family of deer on the porch that morning.

made peace with the world but it's a delicate thing.

time travelling isn't fun if you don't get to taste the potatoes people ate before the math required to build the pyramids of giza was even discovered/invented.

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at this point we've probably bred completely different types of bananas, rice and turnips. just try and imagine what a potato would have tasted like two thousand years before the common era.

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