i want to say in all seriousness, body positivity/neutrality/celebrating/whatever that actually includes trans people is cool & it's a shame it is not more prominent. seeing trans women with fatter & curvier bodies proudly & unashamedly has done wonders for my self-esteem and sense of self image. especially this is the case when trans women seem to be all expected to be skinny white twinks lol

also I know it's a more trivial point but seeing fat & curvier trans women being attractive and sexy is also good & something i v much enjoy & can feel like im sexy too gshbfgsf

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@julia More 👏 Pregnant 👏 Men 👏

And yeah; please please more

Show me the trans women with hairy bodies, curvy bodies, broad shoulders, square jaws and stuble


@julia same tho WRT trans masc people. i go into trans masc spaces and it's like buff white boys who lift and slam protein shakes and then there's... me. the fat kid.

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