Reminder to install ublock origin on your browser :)

Install SponsorBlock if you watch a lot of YouTube!

Install AdAway if you have a rooted android phone

Blocking ads is self care and helps give your brain a break <3

If you're afraid of not supporting content creators, remember that the revenue they get from ads is absolutely minimal and if you were to donate three cents to their patreon per month you'd probably be giving them more money than your views' worth on YouTube

Donating directly to projects you like is much better than subjecting yourself to ads, both for them and for your mental health

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@dragon do you know of any online guides or anything for how to root your android?

@julia @dragon ublock origin works on firefox android

For youtube you can use which is a heavily altered version of the stock youtube app iirc

@alexandria @dragon i use duckduckgo browser, does that work with ublock or does it do the same job by default?

@julia @dragon The duckduckgo browser should stop ads already, right? hm :/

@alexandria @dragon yeah ddg has a built-in adblock & privacy features, idk if they're as powerful as ublock though

@julia @alexandria @dragon in my experience ddg is a very weak protection - most websites I use are fine when using NoScript (it blocks more than scripts). Unfortunately however, it seems adding a few extensions to firefox for android makes the browser very slow.

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