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Transition crowdfund fundraiser, PLEASE boost!! (update 6th January) 

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LRT ngl it does extremely grind my gears how some people seem to not see the need to CW sex & genital references, but im too scared to confront about it because im afraid ppl will mock me as a killjoy

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re: Name change uk 

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btw if you need it here is the cracked version of Spotify Premium for android

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capitalism be like: i diagnose you with hypoproductivity

ive got a condition that makes my brain feel bad

me in my reaction to almost any writing about gay people or gay experiences or community as if it is universal: that sounds excruciatingly amatonormative

i am watching a friend livepost jerma's livestream

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why are people so mean for no reason lol

i accidentally let my tea get cold

kind of not liking my current avatar i wanna change it to something more gender neutral for a while but i cant think of anythin

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federating abuse (quick, slapdash post about fediverse instance moderation) 

do you think there are fbi agents on here spying on leftist masto users

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