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since a lot of new people are arriving right now, I should say my approach to follow requests. This account is mostly for just hanging out, chatting with friends, but you're welcome to send a request or interact to get to know me! I don't like a whole lot of people following me, and I tend to only follow people I know well & who know me. The best way to get me to approve your follow request is to be already interacting with me a bit! I'll be spooked by just seeing a random request from someone I've never seen before

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so historically ninjas were just like, black ops samurai. guys who specialized in surveillance, spying, and assassinations. they'd either wear samurai armor or commoner clothes to blend in and carry out their actions. (there's even evidence of them doing things like sharpening coins into shuriken for assassinations). but after the fact (as in decades--centuries) in japanese theatre in kabuki in particular there were ninja characters who'd appear. what they did was have the ninjas in all black--the uniform of japanese stagehands. the audiences are trained to just completely ignore the stagehands even if they were like actively moving scenery during a scene. so for the ninjas to appear in all black and then start talking, would have been as if they materialized out of thin air and been a very powerful special effect. this continued on into japanese film with the costumes

Since the developer of *Heartbeat* never seem to have apologized for all the transphobia, I feel compelled to remind people that:

(1) doesn't check the validity of a mail domain, which means you can get an account with an "e-mail" like terf@go2.hell

(2) lets you rate games without having to buy them.

Sock protocol? All my socks are polyamorous. It's not a sock drawer it's a polycule

why do all right-wingers on the Internet type like that
you know what i mean

Efdn should rename toots to sploots, because it simply would be epic

When is mastodon going to add an @everyone. I have a lot of important things to say

absolutely srs food discourse 

That Vice article 

this is because the TERFs have moved on to calling themselves "materialist-feminists," isn't it. listen... when they say 'materialist' they mean naΓ―ve biological-essentialist scientism, and when I say 'materialist' I mean the dialectical science of economic materialism, i.e.: if trans women are "m*n" who are disproportionately pushed into sex work and vulnerable-dependence on financially-stable sexual partners via hiring, firing, pay, and housing discrimination, what the fuck is a 'woman'

transphobia shitpost 

like that film the Aristocats said, everybody is a cat,

@Aleums @SuperGideon Also worth noting that the UK has delayed theirs a couple days so that they can still organize for the election.

β€œWesterners are fond of the saying β€˜Life isn’t fair.’ Then, they end in snide triumphant: β€˜So get used to it!’

What a cruel, sadistic notion to revel in! What a terrible, patriarchal response to a child’s budding sense of ethics. Announce to an Iroquois, β€˜Life isn’t fair,’ and her response will be: β€˜Then make it fair!”

― Barbara Alice Mann, Iroquoian Women : The Gantowisas

i wish i could say this brings back nostalgia from childhood but i only first played it on 3DS,so it would've been at least 2011. it's still nostalgic tho

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