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i wish i could be more feminine

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that would be so fucked up if my wild misinterpretation of your post was true. i can't believe you'd say that

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ai text, Worf tells Counselor Troi that he is thinking of wearing jorts 

big underrated feature of mastodon imo is that even on mobile browser it doesn't restrict any features or make it harder to navigate. gr8 feature of a social media imo

i want H cups furthermore i deserve them

computer show me fortnite milfs

does anyone have experience or anyone they know of being on fluoxetine (aka prozac), for good or bad
I'm getting referred a prescription for it & im not sure abt it it's a lot to take in

think im gonna say no. dont want the prescription

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the mh nurse recommended i take fluoxetine (aka prozac) but im not so sure rn

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there's this current of pop feminism i really hate where it's like men are these aliens who are uniformly self actualized by the patriarchy and so feminism is all about fucking with them in any small way you can, and if they're one of the good ones then they're man enough to not be affected by it

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not to be too needy but i want to be a hot girl

basically uhhm i don't know if I'll ever be happy

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