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Ok I wanna let y'all know that I use "(?" as an equivalent to "/joke" and "/sarcasm"

I always forget its like,,,not a thing everywhere, so I wanted to clarify for those that were confused and/or afraid to ask me

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(also pls dont doubt to @ me if you want me to CW smth in specific (by example the gamergirl bath water jokes) )

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Introduction / Basic info 

commissions (pls boost) 

"Zoom leaks personal information"

"Zoom calls can be hijacked by outside attackers"

"Zoom sends full process and keylog data to call hosts"

"Zoom sells personal information to outside companies without user permission'

If you can at all avoid it, stay the fuck away from Zoom

If you can't avoid it, make sure every account you care about gets a new password, and enable 2FA where possible

i think we should change the holiday of April Fools Day to be just like Halloween except everybody dresses up as clowns and jesters and various jokesters

that reminded me that the half brother of my ex ""lost"" my psp in chile

the biggest prank is telling my cuñado "haha im gonna steal your switch" so he will believe is a joke and then PUMMM i actually do it (?

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honestly afaik aprils fool aint even on april for me but like outside of that, even if it was today, the extend of my jokes adn puns would be "hehe yalls stonky no JK JK aprils fool i love yall" so like yeah you safe with me

i'm gonna give 100% at work today! haha april fool's capitalism needs to burn to the fucking ground and i am going to light the match

nsfw ig but like idk man 

for tdov people are just doing the plain opposite and ignoring the FUCK outta me

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