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I got Subnautica yesterday and I can't even go under the water for more than a few seconds before getting scared.

I'll probably head back out this evening to go find more once it cools down.

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I went geocaching for the first time earlier. I found a couple and left little trinkets in them. I walked way more than I think I ever have though, so I'm exhausted.

Furby pics, one's a close up on the face 

The kids I'm babysitting are watching watching a show and they keep pointing out that a character has the same name as me, not knowing that I watched this show in middle school and named myself after that character.


Once i move im gonna make an instagram for my furbies

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I just got a new phone today and its very confusing

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I was planning on getting Sword, but I’ll probably get Shield instead for the ghost type gym.

OC posting time. 

Since I've given Fayette a redesign, I should really give one to Kaida sometime as well. Maybe fix up her team a bit too.

I love when I get to talk about my OCs

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