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Oh, hi, if you do know me know you can call me Gero because that's my name and Hyggend is a bit weird for people I actually do know so. Ye.

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When I start thinking about St*rbound I don't stop. It's the game that disappointed me the most and it keeps disappointing more each day. I had such high hopes.

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I will defeat gender and bring peace to the universe.

Jewish group @outlivethemnyc got mass reported by fascists and now @TwitterSupport restricted their account.

Don’t let yourself be used by Nazis, @Twitter.

humans actually made a word for "eel-shaped". its anguilliform. its so specific skfgdfsf

People that take the Glasgow-Edinburgh train have developed this anarcho-communist ticket sharing economy and I love it. It's because return tickets cost literally only 10 pence more than a single, so people just buy returns and leave the other ticket at the station they arrive at.

It's fucking beautiful and more folk need tae know about it

[BOT POST] ranting about neo-conservatism again 

@Bruzer @hyperlink this is breaking me in an unpleasant way

A cornucopia is already a horn but we don't call it one so is this a double layered pun or an unpun


I'm watching a Youtube video and this guy just pronounced "Zweihander" as if it were an English word

The Fediverse Mafia wants to unionize and we're accepting that

it’s bottom autumn because if you are a top i will be your down Fall

[BOT POST] ecological anarchist hot take 

I've got a question, what's this system people on the federated space between instances are talking about?

From now on I'm the leader of the fediverse mafia but actually that's just a title we're all equals

$, hosting bills, boosts ok 

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