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that was my first time beating altp because when i played this as a kid i didn't use the silver arrows for the last battle and thought ganon had 60000 health or something

hey i finally beat altp! and now i wanma play the minish cap...... jul love 2d zelda

”What in tarnationǃ? Hey, Judgeǃ This here is violence against my fair selfǃ” ”That’s fine.”

despite doing hand stretches before, in-between, and after fretting....... my fingers still achey

i found a tutorial specifically for baritone i'm SO thankful.. the real challenge in this song is the strumming pattern but i think getting it Just Right will help me a lot in the long run

pleased to announce that today i've made significant progress in my journey to learn how to play oasis - wonderwall

uncropped version because i worked on that belt dangit /llfdkf

you telling me a pea nutted on this butter?

(That does it. When this case is done I’m shaving my head.)

if you don't have enough money to keep a boyfriend or a dog then i, a werewolf, would be an excellent investment

i hope mirai gets back to me with a link to ko-fi, or something idk 😔​ they draw my husband so much... i Have to stan

NOOO don't use patreon only, ur art's so sexy aha....

where's my fucking thread of the live action movie... WHERE IS IT

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