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this didn't go so well last time i tried it but i like the elekk community so, i think this is what'd work best for me. i'm giving it a try and in case it doesn't work out then at least i'll still have this acct

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as of today i'll start using this as more of a personal+kin talk account. you can find me @spindash for other posts instead.

it's calming at best but music's meant to be shared isn't it

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spent most of my first 10 hours in poke swsh picking things off the floor at the wild area

idk if i should go see sonic on the big screen; because while i do love sonic, i don't want to be that bitch in the room who won't stop turning over ey shoulder to point out references to obscure lore or talk about any inconsistencies with game canon to the poor, unfortunate soul sitting next to me

disney+ doesn't have sonic x so i'm not fucking interested

painting my strumming nails helps a lot. idk why i hadn't thought of using a invisible coat before lmao. it's exactly what i need! subtle, but effective

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s/o to the dude from last week who walked out the dollar store with 3 toys swords and a gauntlet

this is a reality for anybody showing up at my place tonight. wahoo

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[ASMR] You're trick or treating and knock on a random front door, Sonic the Hedgehog answers it then gives you candy

i think a lot about how the overly upbeat Sonic R synthpop OST has vaguely unsettling lyrics about being trapped in an unfulfilling hell life and the only hope for survival is a fabled bright future that may or may not come... big mood

me: no fear
media i really liked as a kid that i haven't checked out since then: (could potentially have bad tropes that went over my head back then, now that i know better i'd understand any gross jokes clear as day)
me: one fear.

dad would read young jul the og comics in french and i remember it being very stupid and funny . i should look into it again, hopefully it doesn't have any.. Bad jokes

uuuuuuuu sonic crossover idea 

lol it's fine i can wear something similar and i don't plan to go out in full costume anyway, i'm only giving out candy

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