im still mad that goku never wished raditz back to life and redeemed him and i will die mad abt it

@gonic BJGFSFN L is Here And Wants us to chase after the Truth.

who could ever forget...
*look at smudged writing on hand*
"M Pokeman"?

bear in mind, this is after not touching the game since 2014 or so, so it took a while for it to prove its worth

found out how to play as mae borowski on a possum springs map in gmod so the game is good actually

woah... :o
just realized u can click the little mastodon in the corner on efdn...

"Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others."
-sonic the hedgehog

oh really?? owo hmmm.... i might have missed it ? D: oh no,,,,,,, im so excited for 49 AD

can confirm, wind waker good. probs in my top 5 zelda games

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