hey is it eco terrorism if i go to my nearest golf course and dig up the plain grass and plant a bunch of trees and flowers

@glyzinite @Galdrakinn only if you wire up claymores to explode upon the trees and flowers removal 😋

@glyzinite nah. It is as George Carlin’s prophecies foretold (if housing is thrown into the deal 👍🏻)

Point of advice. They probably use nasty weedkillers which will kill dicot plants but leave monocot plants (like grass) alone.

Some monocot plants include garlic which smells very strong whenever it's cut, bamboo which grows stunningly quickly, and pampas grass which is damn near immortal. Also lilies and tulips. 🌷

Just... two completely unrelated pieces of information. Do with them what you will.

Also, ecoterrorism is damaging the environment. By increasing biodiversity, you'd be doing the opposite. 🌱

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