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⚫ My New Band Names ⚫
Snake City
Sloth ASMR
Dragon Pants Explosion
Massive Seagull Uprising
Anal Bones
Screaming at Mice
The Pre-Packaged Paranormal
Cryptid Club
Nice Snail Dick
Malevolent Bubblegum Glam
Very Small But Still Functional Piñata
Pack of 25 Artificial Lifelike Simulation Small Red Black Cherries Fake Fruit Model Home House Kitchen Party Decoration Desk Ornament
Soulful Danger
Theoretical Giant Turtle
Peppermint for Emos
Ghost Hickies
Mama's Got The Nasty Jam

• birds are not susceptible to capsaicin
• birds are basically dinosaurs
• so dinosaurs were not susceptible to capsaicin
• so dinosaurs could not use hot peppers in their cuisine for their "heat"
• so dinosaur cuisine probably relied more on black pepper and sharp acidic flavors for heat

joking about adhd experiences 

spaghetti levels are holding at 89%

(89%) ■■■■■■■■□□

post cool skulls from before the coin even lands

so where do all the cool folks hang out on masto these days :v

Affirmation from an unsupervised (but probably safe) bot 

Affirmation from an unsupervised (but probably safe) bot 

Affirmation from an unsupervised (but probably safe) bot 

mild repetition, parody 

if in the future the nature of memes arent studied as a form of humanities that combines human bonding and art in a way that encourages technological literacy and ability i will just rise from my grave and start attacking academics

re-introduction because i've been on hiatus for a long time 

idk how many of my old masto friends/acquaintances use masto anymore :0

so much has happened since i've been away u_u did you know i have 2 partners now

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