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Trying to coin a word for my gender. Feel free to boost, ask questions, etc. Thread. Show more

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⚫ My New Band Names ⚫
Snake City
Sloth ASMR
Dragon Pants Explosion
Massive Seagull Uprising
Anal Bones
Screaming at Mice
The Pre-Packaged Paranormal
Cryptid Club
Nice Snail Dick
Malevolent Bubblegum Glam
Very Small But Still Functional Piñata
Pack of 25 Artificial Lifelike Simulation Small Red Black Cherries Fake Fruit Model Home House Kitchen Party Decoration Desk Ornament
Soulful Danger
Theoretical Giant Turtle
Peppermint for Emos
Ghost Hickies
Mama's Got The Nasty Jam

calling something sadstuck when it has literally nothing rel8ed to homestuck in any way shape or form is peak humor

when white people get rowdy thats called animal cracker

pls use this image wisely when boosting on someone's timeline.

why are there rich people
who thought that was a good idea

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content Show more

So I was just given an electric bill double what it usually is and I have no way of paying. I’m sorry to be a bother to you all. Anything will help.

Update: I’ve received $15 now need 83.80

Whoops I woke him up singing the mediocre presidents song again


get on the bus loser, we're taking public transit, a safe and reliable way to get to our destination

hey :) anyone know if teleportation is real ? no reason for asking :) [banging sounds]

Chibis of my OCs, Val and Felicity! I've decided to change Val's story and make him his own character, so I changed his design.

He's now a beach/island Oni! He constantly changes the color of his hair with the help of the Monstruma on his island. :)

The Bryce Youngquist of pornhub (not actually lewd)

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Welcome to EFDN, a little instance without any real specific interest, just being another node in the Fediverse!

Feel free to join! We have:
-Good custom emojis, like Fat Pikachu, Hee Ho, Shrek Todd Howard and more!
-Running glitch-soc, a version of Mastodon with more features, like doodles and local only posts!
-The server is named Gregory