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not enough room in my bio so it goes here!

let’s cross some animals together baybee

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bear fact: in a fight between a grizzly and a polar bear, the winner would actually be Love. love wins

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Listen, being a real bear in the lgbt community is hard. There’s a small miscommunication. I’m a real bear. Seeking Real Bears. I’m not sure what all these twinks are confused about.

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interviewer: "so what are your strengths?"
me: [slowly raises flat eric doll from my lap]

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I thought I wouldn’t have a computer until Monday but turns out the parts get here On Halloween so I’ll be just in time for spooky game events :,3 if I’m fast enough..

Hand on my hips, blanket dragged from the bed, body slumped against the wall, doggies crying at my heels for attention.. I’m byewdy full and pobular B)

Love love. Would love to be truly loved one day.

Remember to back up important files when u can or keep shit on a flash drive cus I literally always took it for granted and now I’m spending nearly $200 to get my files out of the computer while my computer has the hard drive stability of a jenga tower. Mid game jenga tower. I’m broke now. Don’t play the fool like I am 😖 back up your fucking important stuff

I’m so nervous maybe I’ll just not sleep and let pure delusion fueled confidence lead the way ya know.

I even feel weird about bringing in my computer like even though that is the most normal and expected thing to do at a computer repair place during an appointed time when you are expected to do so.

I have to wake up early in the morning so naturally I can’t fall asleep until 1:30am. I’m so nervous about taking in my computer to the techies. @ anyone who’s done it before... what should I bring? Just the computer or should I also bring the power cable? I’ve literally never taken a computer to a repair place I have absolutely No idea what to do and I’m nervous because it’s a social interaction

My brain will repeat the same phrase over and over again and normally it’s pretty lame or unnecessary, but today it’s “that/this Fucks!”

Everything so money.... I fuckimg hate it here (capitalism) I wanna go home (prehistoric era)

I'm beginning to hate the word "productive". there's a plague outside let me rest

Without a computer what am I.. Just a miserable little man??

Rest in Pieces Baby Brick Box Boy. You never were a very good computer. I think a cat peed on you once. Two beefy internal fans, never used. Five years of bsod crashes, who could’ve ever seen this coming. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Etc.

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I’ve been away cus a lot has been happening. Desktop died. Windows ate itself like one of those stressed out snakes. I have to ask professionals to extract my personal files off the computer before I bury it in the backyard.

Go off queen! I deliriously holler at the carbon monoxide alarm

Kermit is real and he's wanted for tax fraud in Nebraska

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