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me omw to the timeline after forgetting it exists for a whole day 

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@ cishetties: stop making music that comes out of your ass

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you can give me . unwanted hot doggies :ยฐ)

if fate is real i guess i was destined to know about flat eric

im in charge now. every casting director who has ever cast an actor of the wrong gender to play a trans person is going to jail.

@geothefafa create several accounts and boost it on all of them

don't talk to me or my son
until you're cool like us

What if my name was Ralph? What would you do then!

I was never here.. but I also am always here. sittinge..

The cool thing about knowing cool people on this cool website is that those cool people sometimes make cool things and they ask you "Hey, would you be cool with looking at this?" And you're like "Yeah that's cool" so you look at this cool person's cool content and you're like "That's cool!" And they're like "haha, sure, cool" and you just hope they show you more cool stuff

i drew a picture of you. please hang it up somewhere like a refrigerator, or a tombstone. thank you.

if you're cool please interact

some people just Do not Understand Personal Space..

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