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me omw to the timeline after forgetting it exists for a whole day 

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@ cishetties: stop making music that comes out of your ass

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Flat Eric is the pinnacle of human evolution, you may not like it, but it's true (copyrighted toot do not steal)

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If I do a trick , no one gives me pats or treats so like. What’s the point. Why not. Become crime man.

I used to have just three knives but I now have a fourth. Each more suspicious and dangerous than the last :)

The difference between you and me is I’m car pet

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Welcome to EFDN, a little instance without any real specific interest, just being another node in the Fediverse!

We have:
-Good custom emojis, like Fat Pikachu, Hee Ho, Shrek Todd Howard and more!
-Running glitch-soc, a version of Mastodon with more features, like doodles and local only posts!
-The server is named Gregory
NOTE: At this time, EFDN is no longer accepting new registrations