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you guys this is the best thing ive seen in my life kfslfjwslkfsf

im kity but my chair can also be kity now


human hands are so weird. they look like spiders. why do humans have spider hands

hard drugs mention 

man i love having a discrete math class directly after a philosophy class /s

like in philosophy we’ll be talking about what exactly makes an argument valid or sound and then in discrete it’ll be like “the proposition ‘if 1 + 1 = 3 then monkeys can fly’ is true” and my brain is just “??? this is neither valid nor sound. w h a t”

somebody near me on pokemon go has a shiny sylveon with 1312 CP. this is the most perfect thing ive ever seen

nsfw joke 


what do you call a suspicious cat? 

alcohol mention 

i just accidentally typed “beened” into a duolingo answer. apparently i am neither good at foreign languages nor my native language /lh

just noticed that there is a book named “the right to be lazy” and a book named “the right to be greedy”

when are we gonna get “the right to be envious”, “the right to be wrathful”, “the right to be prideful” and “the right to be gluttonous”


i somehow gave myself hiccups by taking a shower???? how does that even work

i keep locking myself out of my own phone bc i am a very smart kitty /s

cropped portion of a video thumbnail from my recommended feed with no context

i finally did the thing that ive been procrastinating on for 2 months!!!! *does a lil dance*

got my second vaccine dose today!!

if the vaccine doesnt transform me into a furry then im gonna be disappointed smh /j

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