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my fursona is the epitome of "its not a phase, mom" and i am absolutely loving it 👁️

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you guys this is the best thing ive seen in my life kfslfjwslkfsf

im kity but my chair can also be kity now

tired: your dominant hand is the hand you write with
wired: your dominant hand is the hand that has the most scratches on it from your cat

weird thought of the day: "what if i put a moat around my house so my cat wont wander outside the yard"

It's lesbian visibility day! Happy birthday to all lesbians!

it is 9:23 pm and i have only now realized its lesbian day

i am a lesbian

why do i not notice these things

happy birthday lesbians! it's lesbian visibility day!!!

so Шит is the russain word for shield but its pronounced like "shit" and i am an immature child and i think its hilarious ldhkgkgjdjhkhf

just changed my phone's language to spanish. will i regret this? maybe.

am i the only one who thinks lightning is pretty? its just nature fireworks basically

why must i attend school. i am actually several cats inside of you. one is a porn bot

you mean i gotta type things to post??? i gotta have thoughts to type??? no thoughts head empty????

commissions (pls boost) 

"Zoom leaks personal information"

"Zoom calls can be hijacked by outside attackers"

"Zoom sends full process and keylog data to call hosts"

"Zoom sells personal information to outside companies without user permission'

If you can at all avoid it, stay the fuck away from Zoom

If you can't avoid it, make sure every account you care about gets a new password, and enable 2FA where possible

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