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i will not shut up about joshtasha you cannot make me shut up about joshtasha i have an entire bookmarks folder of joshtasha art i straight up have a joshtasha shrine

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i suppose i should do a proper thing too so

im miri, im 23, she/they pronouns, im a lesbian, im autistic and i have social/situational anxiety, im a student in an early childhood education course, and i also work part time at an early childhood centre!!

as i said before, i love fire emblem, sacred stones is my fave fe game! fire emblem is pretty much all i talk about lol


i also love my gf a lot!!

"is she even anyone's fave though she's your oc" she's My fave and that's what matters

your fave is a lesbian: my joshtasha daughter oc karina BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY ENDS ANYONE WANNA ADMIT THEY GOT A CRUSH ON ME,

looks interesting, also there are a lot of pretty girls and i am so gay. thank you. can't wait to play it

hey gaymers i had a very long day at work today but im still here to say stan joshtasha

hey are we posting tellonym links again before valentine's day anyone wanna admit they got a crush on me

thank you for being in the same state of mind as me josh tasha lover four thousand

god i wish i wasn't gonna once again be spending valentine's day single but here we are

haven't even been single a whole week yet and im already getting the big gay again. why am i like this

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