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here's why you should play kirby triple deluxe:
-amazing new gameplay (well. new for 2014. but still amazing no matter the year)
-banging soundtrack
-wonderful characters
-astounding story and lore
-but most importantly:

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i suppose i should do a proper thing too so

im miri, im 23, she/they pronouns, im a lesbian, im autistic and i have social/situational anxiety, im a student in an early childhood education course, and i also work part time at an early childhood centre!!

as i said before, i love fire emblem, sacred stones is my fave fe game! fire emblem is pretty much all i talk about lol


i also love my gf a lot!!

that reminds me i never updated my age here did i

i got a new laptop for my birthday on sunday and it's one of those ones that can convert to a tablet so here's a kirby

june 1st here time to bring this icon back for pride month

*someone calls me yuri in a discord server where my nickname is "yuri's hand-holder"* bruh moment

don't think i've said anything here for a while but hello gays

someone drew yuri fire emblem on my animal crossing bulletin board last night. wholesome animal crossing x fire emblem moments(tm)

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