What? Me? Back on mastodon? More likely than you think

From the 🐦 probably US pol 

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if only sans under tale was here, he would help me with my trauma

mom said it was my turn to use the braincell

you know, i may not be where i wanted to be by this age, but would 12 year old me be proud of me? no.

cramming assorted items into my previously empty genderhole and hurriedly leaving the store


Listening to Deneice Williams' 1984 hit "Let's Hear it For the Boy" with a critical ear for the first time, and I gotta say, Deneice is setting a *real* low bar here.

He doesn't talk sweet, or say much at all, really. He's not good dresser, and he's not rich. He can't sing, and he's "No Romeo."

But what's he got going for him?
Quote, "he's my lovin' one-man show," and, "what he does he does so well."

My man's dick game is legendary.

so what im getting from the homestucks is that we're reclaiming characters and rewriting them because that is WHAT THEY DESERVE and honestly? im here for it

homestuck except i rewrite it to make feferi a better person in canon and let jade be something other than a paddle for other characters to bounce off of (usually dudes)

mastodon pro tip: try to become friendly with several different cliques and flavors of masto poster - the cool kid, the peepee poopoo poster, the sincere feelposter, the chronically horny, and the people who post about linux all day for some reason. one day we will need to unite our powers

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