human overpopulation was such a weird thing pushed as a kid, what the fuck


like every ms and hs science class and show mentioned overpopulation and as an adult ur like woah..... what a load of bullshit


the current generation(s): not having kids because lol money

everyone @ said generation(s): what the fuck yall need to think about overpopulation and stop having so many kids and [yadda yadda yadda]

@norikawa "dont have kids youre contributing to the [nonexistent] issue of overpopulation]" "what do you MEAN you dont want kids, everyone wants kids you'll change your mind"

@dulse somehow overpopulation and white genocide can exist at the same time to these kinda fuckwads

crazy how that works :thonk:

@dulse @norikawa the trick is that those types of people want their immediate relatives to have a bunch of kids but anybody that isn't related to them is suddenly wasting oxygen or whatever.

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