why is it so funny that this lil dude knows acrobatics he's a cube

@dulse don't bully him!! he's doing his best!!?

@norikawa he has no WINGS to do this with (yet) he DESERVES IT

@norikawa he's really cute so im still dragging charjabug around, i love bugs in general so here he is

@norikawa all bug types are good pokemon and if u disagree u look like this

@dulse Not quite the cube form but I wondered that myself a while back...

@DuthOlec kndkfndkj they did the toucannon line dirty but god thats so good

@dulse I just checked and apparently the only Normal/Flying that can learn Acrobatics is Farfetch'd.
Which I mean yes Farfetch'd should be acrobatic but also it's naturally holding an item...

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