thinking abt the umineko humiliation discourse thread

that said its. so funny like.
"sorry i killed ourdad"
"sorry our dad was a corrupt man who tried to have you killed"

if alberts new ssr FE ruins it im not looking it or acknowledging it idc. i have him but i havent looked at it yet

i still cant believe it yurius and albert fell asleep together.. theyre together again

used to see it like. constantly. every other post was abt the basement neet. now i just dont see it

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whatever did happen to sdv after it like. faded from my dashboard

plwase let me skip these fights theyre like level 20 enemies i want to get OUT of here

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fucked up and leveled everyone up to like 160 and now i have no challenge

oh boy, i have been killing ai or whatever her name is like all day i wonder how many glowsticks i have left

illusion connect PLEASE implement some kind of mass raid on event bosses i cant do this 246 times

i've been doing this since like 10am and i still have over 200 left agony

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why isnt there an option to use all my lightsticks in IC i cant keep going over n over in group spirit :sunglasses_sobbing:

im thinking the minicon was going to be a medic. then bailed so now he repurposed his canon looking bs for like. blenders. slushy machine.

this man respects his minicon best friend. he doesnt know whats going on however

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i originally had slushy (wip he's a slushy machine either way) be just. a very very small cybertronian but now he's just going to be a fullout minicon

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no wonder my uncle straight up said he didnt want to vote at all

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