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Just so y’all know if you follow red or wigglytuff on here I don’t want y’all interacting on here with me

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"it's a praise of the character, not the actual human being" are you dumb? are you?

"umm were u a heathers or hamilton kid" none, we hate ur pussy

u can not make me feel bad for or care about racist poor people, its not going to happen

i hate how people just assume that bc they dont agree with u, u've either never gone through trauma or ur not ND/Mentally Ill/etc.

theres somethin just not right abt cornering someone in an argument where either you force them to discuss their own trauma or they have to concede to you

im being forced to watch hamilton and like.. this is the musical people were praising? it sucks. its boring. the music isnt even good?

wahhh i changed laptops which mean i have no more cursed food images

my gender was banned under the geneva convention in 1929

hulu suggesting me to try SAO for watching KNY is an insult

Shut up about Jenna marbles I’m lit begging ppl

someone redesign the nonbinary flag and add a massive bear to it

"how are you typing this" simple! i have a back up that is horrid but functions

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im so mad my laptop is actually fuckin wrecked and like... i cannot get it fixed bc my uni's repair shoppe is closed bc covid

hiii anyway my laptop shit itself so like 👉​👈​ pay what you can commissions are open
(more examples @milk )

theres somethin abt movies that are so mediocre theyre just there when ur bored to watch as brain killing visuals that i love

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