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how does buzzwole walk

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I love my grandma but she needs to stop falling asleep in the living room bc I keep thinking she’s died

Dogs are cute but there will never be anything worse than bathing them only to see them immediately run to roll around in dirt

why the FUCK would anyone spend time saying bad words to people online when you can just call people cute and the reactions you get will keep your heart warm for the next week

Good morning, I've thought about it and the best part about Winnie the Pooh is that even though Eeyore is basically depressed he still gets invited to all of the things with his friends, and they never expect him to pretend to feel happy or force him to change, they just love him anyways and never leave him behind. And I think that's neat.

Will a kid remember the decorations at their fifth birthday party? Answer is no but we will be damned if we don’t try our best to make it as nice as possible

My niece keeps switching her party theme n it’s funny bc when we got close to having a coherent idea as to how to decorate her house it’s like “NO!! I told mama I want this other party”

Soliera lost to father winter, Dulse has depression, and now their poodle ran away what the fuck

Soliera got beat up my father winter we need to train

selfie, eye contact 

The house is in fucking shambles 4 people can’t share one bathroom and everything keeps breaking but they’re poor

Why is every restaurant playing fly me to the moon

I forgot how awful the voices for aliens are but what can u do

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