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commissions (pls boost) 

Basically I’m in desperate need of money

commissions (pls boost) 

Haha i wonder what the black feathers say while they’re under the rumor

i am several days into this my little pony series rewatch

My sister really made fun of me for watching my little pony but is singing this day aria loud as hell in her room huh

it's the International Transgender Day of Visibility or #ITDV! look around at all yours trans comrades and say hi!

i'm Bab and i've been at least partially out as some form of trans / genderqueer since i was 14 (~7 years ago)

#Trans #TransVisibility

If he isn’t beefy he isn’t a himbo

*goes into hell to see what all the little demons are up to*

NBs rise up we are more powerful now than ever

Today is #TransDayOfVisibility and our maston mascot here on wants to spread the word.

Why are cis ppl so annoying like “umm I would’ve supported u but u use weird pronouns and it’s confusing :/“ what is confusing

got bored n watched mlp, remembered that trixie and starlight were homosexual for eachother

tom nook im so sorry ppl are so mean to u king

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