Have you seen fire flies in real life?
please boost. :)

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@ducki they do not live where I live but I saw them when I went to pennsylvania one summer in high school

@rigatonimonster Mood. Ive lived in other places where they were but now i live where they dont inhabit. :(

sad news about fireflies 

sad news about fireflies 

@frostotron Big F. I live in a place where fireflies just dont live. But ive lived in other places where theyre super common so it blows my mind that people just; havent seen one.

@beadsland I use fire flies/lighting bugs interchangeably but in a general sense i think i use fire flies more. Also it depends on who im talking to. People i know from southern US i say lighting bugs but northern US (like new england-ish area) i say fire flies, duno why.

@vertigo @ducki @beadsland Well I'm from Albany and I've never heard the phrase "lightning bugs".

@ducki The only time I saw them was one time in while camping in the summer in a rather remote area in Germany, with a lot of forest and at some point I woke up and saw a lot of twinkling through a conifer tree and got out of the hammock and found a lot of them, including glow worms that glowed faintly! Though, never seen fireflies since but did see more glowworms!

@ducki my partner went to a party and met a guy from California or somewhere out there, and when asked why he'd moved out here (to the Southeast US) he said that he specifically wanted to see junebugs in his life before he had to settle down and get a dayjob back home

Everyone was a little quiet because of how strange and boring that sounded until someone pointed out he maybe meant lightning bugs and everyone had a good chuckle

@ducki I only saw them when I was living in the countryside. It's been like at least 13 year I didn't see one

@ducki to people who haven't seen them: they really do look like that

@ducki I also grew up in one of two places in the world where they sync up and all flash at the same time. It was absolutely beautiful!

@ducki I don't think they live on US west coast I half thought they were mythical growing up :)

@ducki my husband's family lived on a property with a huge field, the fireflies came out during the summer and it was beautiful

@ducki We used to catch 'em when we were little. We still see 'em today. We just don't take the time to catch 'em anymore.

@ducki Basically every summer when I lived in Kansas, but they're rare in Virginia.


They're pretty common north of the GTA so I'd see them on camping trips. But when I moved to Ottawa a couple of years ago, I started seeing them when I went walking at night and it was an instantly magical experience.

@ducki @brainwane I grew up in NJ and lived in Ohio for a long time. Now Iโ€™ve moved west of the Rockies, where there arenโ€™t any. We had a daughter last year, and I consider introducing her to fireflies part of my job as a parent.

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