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:fatpikachu:​ oh look it's some noise! better erase it

:pin_player:​ *whoosh noises*

:pikacoin: oh look! rare pin drop

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Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

"sorry I was on mute" covers a multitude of sins

it's crazy that I actually work with a few of these people now

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if anyone needs some spare serotonin, the new sonic real time fan dub just dropped and it was incredibly good

the mrpeanut mascot be like a god damn phoenix except i want to punt the baby

decided to pick up a new skill and (since I'm such an exciting individual) picked excel spreadsheet formulas to learn

I love capitalism, Mr. Peanut has now been pronounced dead from a drop off of a cliff and a resulting explosion so I hope the new trend is to kill off all mascots for impermanent hype

back into the shadows I go, to emerge once again when i'm bored and wanna draw some ocs

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hey @Ghast number one change your fuckin display name and number two I drew this guy, what's up with that

every persons life is just their own niche musical theatric

wow I haven't posted here in a while

anyway watch board james

I'm having to fight my eternal tendency towards self destruction and not binge watch the entire series because the LAST TIME I did that, I couldn't sleep for a month

kept thinking about that damn pink phone with the knife

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cringy effects or not, the cinemassacre team is so fucking good with their lore and followthrough like? wow

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