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@biohazard same energy as me plummeting to my death in a video game like "Oh come on that was only like, what, 300 feet?"

playing surgeon simulator 2 and every time he starts bleeding to death when i cut something off i go "calm down pussy its not that bad"

i think we should start reviewing porn like people review movies seriously on letterboxd


"he cant keep getting away with this!!!" is a really emotionally visceral and important scene in breaking bad. its also really really funny

lying down and listening to dark ambient music and going "oh. its like this all the time and it never stops" and i understand it all

i watch someone else do crosswords and i go "i could do these" when i get 2 right ignoring the like 40 i got wrong

spending way too much of my time sitting in spawn on ponytown. i wont tell you what i look like though its like a puzzle

in the days i have been banished to the border worlds i started only listening to dark ambient music. i dont know if ill recover

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crawling out from the pits of the damned, my voice hoarse and withered "this is what 2 days no posting does to an mf" i rasp

my online street cred is that a friend of a friend is friends with technoblade. its not very good cred

i think if someone challenged me to a sword fight i would just shoot them.

rewatching breaking bads ozymandias and its so funny that the scene of walter falling over thats the meme gif is like. one of the most serious moments in the show

been for real listening to tenacious d recently and its very jarring to hear jack black swear a lot. good though

you wouldnt get it [zoning out to dark ambient music]

it was good. im listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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seeing girs with their big boobies just Out makes my mind go between "maam 😳 " and "i wish that was me..." at 100mph

oh god shes listening to the dark ambient music someone get the gun

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