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decided to make some pride flags using only colours from doom sprites. i couldnt find any purple, this turned out to be a big issue

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i have 3 moods:
-i am in love
-i am gaeming
-i am having a breakdown

ok thats enough halloween posting time for bed

2018 is referenced both as a sequel and a reboot but considering its just called "Halloween" i assume its mostly meant as a reboot which is weird. i dont think youd enjoy 2018 with no prior knowledge

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2018 is filled with so many references to 1978 that its almost funny. they just keep doing them and every time im like "surely thats the last one" but no, theres another reference to the original just around the corner

honestly thats the most significant feeling ive had during this movie. i should watch the first movie again

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can you tell i really like the original halloween ive seen it only 3 times (in 2 weeks)

theres a lot of things i like about it but i dont know if theyre the same things i like about the original. this is a really weird movie but i think i recommend it? i dont know. thank you late night fedi for taking my feelings on halloween 2018

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ive only seen the original halloween and none of the sequels so maybe this just changed over time but michael feels way more brutal now too. he wasnt really into brutal jason-esque kills in the original

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halloween 1978 was one of the original slashers and everything after it has been so inspired by it so its very weird to watch a halloween movie thats now inspired by the things it previously inspired.

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its michael myers and laurie strode battling once again but at the same time... it feels so... wrong.

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halloween 2018 is a really weird movie and i think its good but at the same time it feels so weirdly detatched from the original

im watching the halloween reboot and its so funny that theyre treating michael myers' mask like its some object of power

pull down my underwear what do you find? thats right, a gun.

im gonna respectful avert my eyes while these two twin peaks characters do the do

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for some reason whenever characters do the S*x on a tv show i feel like im looking in on something private that i shouldnt see

the lighthouse is very good. just watched it for the first time

just watched color out of space. really good movie

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