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beatrice winnebago's "ozymandias of posting" 

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i also never finished a fire emblem game. i got like a hour into 3 houses, twice now.

i have normal feelings about YIIK: A Postmodern RPG and i promise they're only slightly influenced by personally being friends with people who work on YIIK

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and when you think about it Morbius is just like YIIK: A Postmodern RPG in the way that many people are turning it into a meme and ironic consumption without engaging with the original material, of course ignoring the fact that while Morbius is a terrible movie, YIIK: A Postmodern RPG is actually pretty good like you guys need to engage with it a little it really isn't like Morbius and it's a lot more than "I'm yiiking out!" really i'll never forgive oney plays

this one's about nonagon infinity by king gizzard and the lizard wizard

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they really knew what they were doing when they made Music huh. well, Thank You Music

no longer my birthday. OH WELL. i will just have to have another one :)

it's my freaking birthday and i'm 21 now that is so awesome. BTW

why did nobody alert me of new defunctland. i gotta get on htis STAT

just woke up i need to immediately listen to Since I Left You or i might die. or something

they really really need to make more albums where the entire album seemless transitions into each song. Since I Left You and Nonagon Infinity are NO LONGER ENOUGH

death note netflix is genuinely the best version of death note available. i'm not saying this to be inflammatory or to troll i for real, genuinely believe this

replaying bioshock infinite and really my mistake was deciding to play more bioshock fucking infinite

really would we even lose anything of value if we destroyed activision blizzard? COD? overwatch? wow? Nothing

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, making people believe Overwatch 2 exists

the union busting is also a diversity tool (making the empty seating in the office more diverse)

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