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every single one of my posts is autobiographical

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i make posts about things the youth of the modern age really enjoy like the movie scarface and the prog rock song tarkus

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i have work to do actually i can't post yet. soon though

told my dad i was gonna watch the sopranos. actually watched night at the museum 1 and 2 back to back like a boss

got asked if i was irish online cause i was being so pro irish revolution im flattered for real

they got me with that cuban tummy hurt beam

i forget if i mentioned it already but i did put my discord in my bio in case any mutuals want it <3

yes im gonna keep reblogging that art im proud of it

people will see you make funny posts online and go "hey, this isn't a real person i can just say whatever the fuck to them right? i can just like say weird shit to them cause they're not a real person to me"

im 20 minutes into the sopranos episode 1 and i can say this show rules. tony confusedly stared at a statues boobs and later when he was possibly dying his wife said he was going to hell

nsfw, kink 

forum is it too evil to set my discord status to lyrics from camel by camel? is that too evil?

since portal 2 every game has been trying to be portal 2.

[equips a poison gem and begins rolling into all your posts, very slowly applying a poison effect]

if a surgeon cut my arm off i would just get over it.

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