pspspspsps hellenic polytheists where yall at

@norikawa i saw this and immediately got flashbacks to middle school and I just have to show you this

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Another (hopefully, pending approval) Dungeons and Dragons design from me! It’s a Banishment Dice Jail! Bad dice get banished! Send them through the middle of the rune and watch them disappear (for a minute, until they inevitably return to this plane). #dnd #mastoart

You can vote 5 stars and let WotC know you wanna see this come to life right here:

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Happy Juneteenth, have you given your money to a Black person today? 😎👍

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happy juneteenth, pay a Black person today. not a nonprofit, not a fund, but a Black person. venmo, cashapp, paypal. do it.

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I've seen the new play station 5 and... Ok, it might be rough, but I HAD to make it a robot. Because why not.
#artwork #art #illustration #mastoart #doodle #robot #sony #ps5

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🌸🌼✨Flower Power✨🌼🌸

Apparently, drawing extremely colorful unicorns is my thing now. I won’t complain✌️(◕‿◕✿)

#illustration #junicorn #unicorn #fantasy #art #mastoart #drawings #surrealism #horses #surralism #surreal

i have a meeting with the band director that starts 4 minutes ago

hello????? where are you sir

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BLM unicorn

the horn is for spearing cops

here's the .psd, it's free to use for any nonprofit purpose be it signs, stickers, what have you.

i cannot legally suggest that you plaster these around where cops would see it, but, i'm just saying. it's something someone could do. i can't stop them.

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