@SuperGideon Precontact humans be like: man, I wish I had some kind of soft friend to pet and feed my leftovers

Me: Hey ixy whats up

Felix under a pile of scholarly articles: I'm just hanging out

Plus I miss posting images and efdn simply will not let me do that from tusky

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What if I moved to monads or something, ive been wanting a new @ forever

Careful with those boxes bro, you wouldn’t want me to have to tell you to stop being such a silly little boy, bro

Precontact dogs be like: Gee i sure hope some kind of biped ape comes by and feeds me strips of flesh and pats my head

I like how koopa just teleports into their house sometimes

Scolipede is the coolest pokemon they got

I know someting is cute when i think i can fit the whole thing in my mouth


what disease do I get from being in the ER all day yesterday with my gf

[Drops a big rock on your head causing all your teeth to fall out like piano keys as chirping birds encircle your head]

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