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Hey I made a kofi, if you ever feel inclined to give me money for some reason.

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If you send me that fucking "dont awoo" meme I'll block you I swear

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oj simpson is perhaps the biggest loss of cancel culture

Foot freaks do not open 

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After spending three hours removing every fucking folacel of hair from my person I can finally feel normal :)

Jimothy Jimstar, of hit manga series Jimjim's Neato Journey

You ever accidently look down in the shower and then enter a manic state and try to remove every last hair on your body?

you know what? you have my permission to kin me after I die

The virgin Tommy Wisseu vs the chad Neel Breen

Watching a Neil Breen movie with Tei and he's really mad at the man's feeler fingies

Talking to cis girls is funny cause you'll say some trans shit and they'll be like omg i feel that

And by funny I mean im not laughing

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