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If you send me that fucking "dont awoo" meme I'll block you I swear

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How do I pruchase an image that a japanese artist drew in 2015 so i can use it cjdbshsnsn

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you’re allowed to criticize stanley kubrick

like you totally can, go for it.

FFxiv shitpost 

Why didnt anyone telll mmeeeee i needed to be level 15 Gladiator to go Warrior

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posting plubicly that i hate english
shit language
filho da puta arrombado pau no cu desgraçado piranha vadia

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Whats the point in most of the fish I catch? Like I use some of them for culinarian, but most aren't used in recipes and only sell for 1gil. I've taken to just releasing them, is this the right course of action?

Useless lesbians are out. Confrontational lesbians are in.

Know a girl you like? Tell her you're dating now.

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Dating Juniper, pros and cons
-Certified hot girl
-Scary Dog privelages
-Can fight, will fight
-Usually carries a knife and lighter, for all your vandalism or survival needs
-Has cool hobbies and good taste
-Can cook real good

-Plays video games like all day
-Has no sense of time
-Depressed, OCD, ADHD, and more!
-Hates cleaning, always puts it off
-Will forget at least 1 important thing a day
-I just say shit sometimes, for no reason

I have the glasses from They Live but it lets me see usless lesbians

Useless lesbians just live among us huh

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so this girl i met has put thumbtacks on my seat, called me a "bitchass" on several occasions, and has made several rude remarks concerning my mother and her alleged sexual relations with her. does she like me? 😳

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