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Mutuals feel free to follow me at @Fenrir if you're thirsty for more wolf content 🐺​

Man: Waking up early feeling sick with a safety pin and lighter

Jessica Jones Season 3 

I played a video game once but... Does that make me a gamer?

Steven Stone. You say the general population is at a fucking wolf

gatekeeping unpopular opinions now. if your opinion doesnt alienate at least three of your friends then fuck off

Someone buy me bloodstained for my birthday >:3

I wish I wish with all my heart to fly with dragons in a land apart

yall clowns wanna drink some fuckin uhhhhhhh water

Quit your job and go to Johto or Hoenn in the club

Hey remember when they ineviatably make a quiche

Someone please let me work out again wednesday...

"I dont care" screams the man who will be left behind by a starbucks barista once and then wear the hoodie under the denim jacket

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Welcome to EFDN, a little instance without any real specific interest, just being another node in the Fediverse!

We have:
-Good custom emojis, like Fat Pikachu, Hee Ho, Shrek Todd Howard and more!
-Running glitch-soc, a version of Mastodon with more features, like doodles and local only posts!
-The server is named Gregory
NOTE: At this time, EFDN is no longer accepting new registrations