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I can’t help it. I wanna experiment new things, I wanna see what happens when social medias not made by corporations pop up. I wanna see what kind of communities spawn from these, and hopefully find a new home

The joys of life

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There’s something new small social medias that makes me unable to control myself. I HAVE to join them and try them out. It’s the main reason why I have accounts on Mastodon. It’s the main reason why i’m on Spacehey, and it’s why I signed up for cohost orz

covid mention 

covid mention 

Its a different culture, its not like corporate-owned social medias. And I wish folks promoting masto would understand that.

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I wish the folks doing these posts hailing the fediverse as an alternative would warn users of that stuff, and even propose some instances to join that arent masto dot social. If you’re gonna reccomend the fediverse don’t do so without directing the readers somewhere.

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And a lot omit that you kinda gotta take your pick carefully because an instance can be gone randomly and leave its userbase without a home, whether its because the owners have no time to moderate it anymore or because they forgot to do a payment to keep it up.

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I see so many people on the blue birdy site trying to market masto to ppl who want to leave ship, but so many of them market it wrong and don’t offer any advice and don’t warn users about the problems it has

I enjoy my time on the fedi and i’m always happy to show folks the ropes, but some people try to sell it as “twidders 2” when it really isn’t.

I just transcribed my favorite tik tok because i dont wanna send a video and take space in the servers

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*opens microwave door and stares directly at you [ you are in the microwave ]*

Are you hungry?

*violently throws graham crackers at you, shuts down the door and starts the microwave*

Ripley's Haha Oh Man You Believed That?

Theres smth inherently -phobic on having to go to college in my break week just because my teammates wanted to go for the pizza party thing

I dont even like pizza its my autism hellfood

God didnt even share his plan with Ingo. Tf he sent him over here for damn

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