Pizza Rolls™ but it's rolling around like Katamari Damacy in your tum

I got the computer! It wasn't the one I wanted but hey!!! :)

Pros: pretty damn good, runs very well, fun guy
Con: No graphics card. Stinky

Its a refurbished computer from a local recycling center.

They’re less expensive and not even that old, the one im getting is pretty good from what i’m seeing.

And if things are bad i can always get new parts. I’ll most likely get a new secondhand graphics cards.

My mom is more on the “buy a brand new thing from the start” but computers can last a long time aye. Its not like a phone where u cant change the parts at all and u gotta replace the whole thing

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I’ve been using a Lenovo laptop since I entered college. Its pretty good… however, i picked it at first to do Word documents and other papers, since I was in early childhood education at that time

Coding and programming on this laptop sucks, because the dimension of the screen is pretty wack, and also because coding / programming on a single screen… blergh

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Tommorow i’ll be most likely getting a pretty decent computer

The graphics card is shite so i’ll most likely have to change that at some point, but its not a priority.

If Princey can code / program on it… then nothing else matters

Don’t let me sleep at any time other than the usual nightly hours

Otherwise i’ll be sleeping literally all the time. Entering a state of hibernation.

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My weekend was mostly spent sleeping. Recovering whatever energy I had spent during these 7 weeks of working w kids

I’ll probably also sleep for the rest of the week knowing me


hey i don't normally do a crosspost here but can anyone please help my friend who needs a place to stay urgently within driving distance of North Carolina or close enough. otherwise she will be homeless and likely imprisoned. UPDATE 16th August: she now has only 3 days until homeless, and is literally sleeping on a carpet right now. help if you can and boost if you're on tumblr please. she's now willing to travel as far as FL or NY so if you are anywhere near and have a spare mattress or a spare couch for a little while please please for my sake reach out to her.

Well you know me, someone talks about Katamari and I’m here to ask them about their favorite cousins

It told me it liked Honey so far, great choice!

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My bestie started playing Katamari Damacy Reroll because its on Gamepass…

My, how enjoyable

gun mention 

Im not even 21 anymore i’m 22. My birthdays jn march. Its been so long since i posted here. Neglected this account

I’ll pick it back up, i’ll pick it back up, i’ll pi

My mastodon history is a mess i have 5 million accounts because i can’t sit still with a single username or be in a single instance :) okay alright

im ranting again 

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im ranting again 

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im ranting again 

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